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There are currently 78 Achievements in For The King as of April 15, 2022.

Achievements table[]

For The King
Achievement Name Unlock Requirement
Progress Defeat the Cultist Camp.
Spelunker Clear a cave.
All That Glitters Purge the Glittering Mines.
Fuhgeddaboudit Clear the Forgotten Cellar.
Undead killer Defeat the Lich's Crypt.
Mind Over Matter Defeat the Mind Bender Lord.
Pearl Diver Clear 5 Sea Caves in 1 game.
Amazing! Solve the King's Maze.
No Sweat Clear both Demon Caves.
Up, Up, and Away Fly in the air balloon.
The Mummy's Curse Purge the Buried Temple.
What a View! Reach the top of Harazuel.
Easy Peasy Defeat Vexor on Apprentice.
Hero of Fahrul Defeat Vexor on Journeyman.
Legend of Fahrul Defeat Vexor on Master.

Dungeon Crawl
Achievement Name Unlock Requirement
It's Getting Hot in Here Survive the Lava Dungeon.
Prison Break Escape the Mage Dungeon.
Drain the Swamp Clear the Flooded Crypt.

Frost Adventure
Achievement Name Unlock Requirement
The Morning After Help Hildebrant retrace his steps.
Sally Forth! Break a sieged town.
Till Death Do Us Part Defeat the yeti, free her "prisoner".
Ice and Fire Unlock the Armory.
Dragon Slayer Slay the dragon at the top of Frostbite Peak.

Hildebrant's Cellar
Achievement Name Unlock Requirement
Just the Tip Enter Hildebrant's Cellar.
That's Deep Reach the bottom of Hildebrant's Cellar.
Double Deep Reach the Inferno.

Gold Rush
Achievement Name Unlock Requirement
X Marks the Spot Find Bradach's Cabin.
Gold Digger Win a game of Gold Rush.

Into The Deep
Achievement Name Unlock Requirement
Wet 'n Wild Purge all 4 Water Temples.
Lost and Found Find Captain Greenbeard's Ship.
Land Ho! Defeat the Sea King.

Lost Civilization
Achievement Name Unlock Requirement
Welcome to the Jungle Reach the first town in Jungle Falls.
Are You Not Entertained? Defeat The Champ.
The Floor Is Lava Complete the Ashfall Islands questline.
Intergalactic Planetary Finish the Lost Civilization adventure.

Achievement Name Unlock Requirement
Such a Pity... First party wipe.
Field Medic Revive a party member.

Achievement Name Unlock Requirement
Sweet Tooth Eat 10 candies.
Put That in Your Pipe Use 100 herbs.

Achievement Name Unlock Requirement
Critical Fail Break a weapon.

Achievement Name Unlock Requirement
Tri-Triclops Defeat 3 triclops.
Thumpity Thump Thump Kill 5 snowmen.
I Hate Mimics Defeat 10 mimics.
Boomshakalaka Kill 10 enemies with firearms.
Rock 'n Roll Topple 15 crag monsters.
Pick on Someone Your Own Size Crush 25 imps.
I Hate Snakes Kill 25 snakes.
Something's Fishy Kill 30 fishfolk.
Do You Ever Feel Bad? Murder 30 hags.
Beastmaster Defeat 100 beastmen.
So Many Bones Smash 150 skeletons.
Chosen One Kill 1000 enemies.
Not This Time Kill a thief attempting to flee.
Sushi Chef Kill the Kraken.
Order from Chaos Defeat the Chaos Beast.
Boom Goes the Dynamite Get killed by a suicidal enemy.

Achievement Name Unlock Requirement
Paying the Toll Defeat The Bandit King.
He's on Fire! Defeat Coal Heart.
Rock and a Hard Place Defeat Deimos.
Clear Skies Ahead Defeat The Disciple.
End of the Rainbow Defeat Lucky Fergus the Mad.
Protector of the Gods Defeat The Foul Priestess.
Instant Karma Defeat The Hangman.
Your Time Is Up Defeat The Old One.
Not So Funny Anymore Defeat The Royal Droll.
Swan Song Defeat The Songstress.
An Apple a Day… Defeat The Witchdoctor.

Side Quests
Achievement Name Unlock Requirement
Payment Please Complete 1 side quests.
Side Business Complete 50 side quests.

Hero Statues
Achievement Name Unlock Requirement
Pay Tribute Honor 3 stone heroes.
Honor the Dead Honor 15 stone heroes.
Lest We Forget Honor 50 stone heroes.

Achievement Name Unlock Requirement
Penny Saver Have 300 gold.
Scrooge Have 1500 gold.
Miser Have 5000 gold.

Lore Store
Achievement Name Unlock Requirement
Secret Shopper Unlock 1 item from the Lore Store.
Would You Like a Receipt with That? Unlock 20 items from the Lore Store.
All Sales Are Final Unlock 40 items from the Lore Store.