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Adventures are playable game modes in the game For The King.


There are currently seven playable adventures in For The King, either as solo campaigns or with up to 2 other players. Each campaign offers a lengthy tabletop experience, presenting unique mechanics, enemies, biomes, and rewards. Most can be completed easily in a hour or two, however that is entirely dependent on each player's personal playstyle and the level of difficulty. Once an adventure or campaign is completed (whether by winning or defeat), it is effectively "over", and those specific heroes cannot be brought into future adventures (they can, of course, be recreated from scratch).

Game modes[]

Story campaigns[]

Some adventures, such as For The King, Frost Adventure, and Into The Deep, are primarily story-driven, and require the player to advance the campaign by unlocking the next act (such as by clearing a dungeon or obtaining a specific item). These adventures also feature a particular mechanic that essentially forces the player to proceed, either by gradually increasing the difficulty in some manner or, as is the case with the Lost Civilization campaign, simply ending the game. Examples of this are Chaos, Flood, and Planetary Alignment.

Dungeon dives[]

Other adventures offer a bit more flexibility in terms of play; that is, there is less of an emphasis on moving forward or "getting to the next dungeon". In Dungeon Crawl, the limits imposed by burgeoning Chaos have been somewhat relaxed. The Gold Rush campaign pits players against one another in an effort to amass gold quickly. And finally, Hildebrant's Cellar is a more typical dungeon dive, presenting players with the standard battle scheme of in-game dungeons, where progression is earned room-to-room and rewards are unlocked by moving to the next floor.


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For The King Difficulty Disclaimer

For The King difficulty disclaimer.

Players can adjust the difficulty level of their adventure when beginning a game. There are three settings to choose from:

CrownApprentice.png Apprentice[]

On Apprentice, the adventure will be quite a bit more forgiving to the player, and as such is generally recommended for new or casual players. While lore payout will be reduced, characters will begin the adventure with an added +5 to all stats, including a slight boost for some to defensive stats such as armor, resistance, and evasion. Enemy health will be reduced, while the player life and focus pools are increased. Finally, all characters begin their adventure with the normal Tinder Pouch and Safety Stone; however there is now the added bonus of an extra Godsbeard, Golden Root, and in some cases, an extra pair of Old Boots.

CrownJourneyman.png Journeyman[]

Journeyman is the default difficulty level for adventures and recommended for experienced players. Lore payout is capped at a baseline 100%, along with enemy health. Characters receive no bonuses to stats or focus, nor any additional equipment beyond a Tinder Pouch and Safety Stone.

CrownMaster.png Master[]

For those seeking an extreme challenge, Master level difficulty is a test of strategy, skill, and luck for players. While lore payout will be greatly increased, so will enemy health and gold inflation. There is no life pool. Characters begin with a Tinder Pouch and Safety Stone in their inventories. Note that on Master difficulty, the life pool can still be increased beyond 0 through the normal methods during an adventure.

House rules[]

House Rules in For The King

The game also features a short subset of house rules that can be tweaked at the player's discretion when beginning a campaign. This offers a wider range of flexibility in terms of playstyle, for those wanting a slower-paced or less stressful adventure. When house rules are active, lore payout is capped at 50% and some achievements will be locked.

List of adventures[]

The following adventures are currently available for play:

*Available as downloadable content on some platforms only.