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Ancient Blade
Ancient Blade
Ancient Blade - Abilities


Weapon Abilities Strike
Flaming Swing
Flaming Smite
Armor Up
Damage Bonuses +5% Crit Chance
Immunities Freeze Immunity


The Ancient Blade is a Breakable Artifact Weapon in For The King. It is attuned to a character's Strength stat.





The Ancient Blade is acquired late in the Frost Adventure after unlocking the Armory, and with proper preparation can prove useful against the end-boss dragon Whitemoon. Whitemoon has very high health and therefore would require a long series of combat strikes to kill. The blade's Flaming Smite attacks will apply Burning to Whitemoon and deal the greatest amount of damage in the shortest amount of time. However, a character will quickly exhaust their pool of Focus obtaining perfect strikes (and also to ensure the sword does not break) - in this regard, it may be more beneficial to have the character with the greatest amount of Focus points available equip the weapon. Additionally, it would be a wise idea to either bring a large supply of Golden Root to replenish Focus points to the battle, or perhaps consider using a more traditional weapon that can deal a high damage output in place of the Ancient Blade.


Potential quest reward for unlocking the Armory during a Frost Adventure campaign.