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Armor in For The King is used to reduce damage taken from enemies. There are different kinds of Armor tailored for different stats. In For The King there are no restrictions on which types of armor an adventurer can wear. Armor can also influence a character's skills or abilities, and grant status effects such as immunities.


Main article: Clothing

Although clothing can be used to cosmetically change your character's appearance, it is your source of body armor, and is used to boost stats while serving as a primary defense against incoming attacks. Clothing is equipped in a character's body slot.

While clothing is generally tailored for a specific archetype or build, there is no restriction on which individual armor types characters can equip.

There are 4 different basic types of body armor in For The King:

Silk armor[]

The Silk Armor icon.

Robes are the favorite of the Scholar and the Herbalist, but rogues such as the Trapper may prefer cloaks. Both generally have a high resistance to magical attacks and very little armor. They often provide a strong buff to Intelligence, Awareness, and Focus, but often at the expense of a character's Strength or Talent stats.

Some examples of silk armor are:

Cloth armor[]

The Cloth Armor icon.

Cloth Armor is the standard for Minstrels and Buskers, as it focuses on boosting stats such as Talent and Luck. Cloth armor usually has high resistance and armor bonuses, but will take away from a character's Awareness stat. Oftentimes, it will come with a modifier to gold gains, boosting income after a battle.

Some notable examples of cloth armor are:

Hide armor[]

The Hide Armor icon.

While most basic pieces of hide armor will only provide a boost to armor and resistance, they'll sometimes offer up a variety of other bonuses. Most characters will wear some form of hide armor at one point in time or another during a campaign, as even standard Leather Armor, Soldier Armor, or Dragonhide Armor can be preferable if nothing else is available. However, as specialized hide armor often comes with a strong focus on Awareness, it is preferred by Hunters, while Trappers and Treasure Hunters will find it useful for navigating Traps in Dungeons.

Typical hide armor variants include:

Plate armor[]

The Plate Armor icon.

The strongest armor type in the game and often providing a nice bonus to Strength, plate armor is especially useful to Blacksmiths, Woodcutters, and the occasional Monk. With low resistance, plate armor is generally weak when it comes to magic attacks; however, it more than makes up for it with a huge boost to a character's armor stat, while sacrificing only a few points in Intelligence.

Some proper examples of plate armor are:

Other armor types[]

Main articles: Headgear and Footwear

Clothing isn't the only type of armor in For The King. Additionally, there are several hats, hoods, helmets, shoes, slippers, and boots that can be equipped for a diversity of cosmetic effects, stat boosts, and skill bonuses.


The Helmet icon.

There is a wide variety of headgear in 3 basic types to choose from in For The King. And like body armor, headgear is mainly used to reduce incoming damage from enemies. Several hats and helmets will also impart immunities or special skills. Headgear is equipped in a character's head slot.

Some headgear to take note of:


The Footwear icon.

Footwear is another type of armor in For The King that characters can equip to mitigate damage, boost stats, or impart valuable skills. Many types of footwear can also provide some kind of movement bonus.

Helpful examples of footwear are:


Main article: Shield

In addition to body armor, there are Shields in For The King as well. And like Armor, they too are used to reduce incoming damage from enemies.

Shields cannot be equipped alongside Two-Handed Weapons, so they're more suited to characters who prefer to arm themselves with Daggers, Swords, Spears, Bludgeons, or even certain Guns. Most shields will impart Enemy Taunt, but some can also give a character other skills such as Support Range.

Shields come in two basic types:

Physical shields[]

The Shield icon.

Physical shields are shields with a high armor stat. While not as versatile as magic shields, they will often have other benefits, such as boosts to a character's Awareness or evasion. Steady is sometimes seen on physical shields as well.

Physical shields are the easiest type of shield to find in Fahrul:

Magic shields[]

The Magic Shield icon.

Magic shields will occasionally offer other magical incentives like damage reflection or added Resistance.

Some notable magic shields are:


Main articles: Trinket and Necklace

Some Trinkets and Necklaces can provide a bonus to a character's defensive stats as well.

Armor sets by tier[]

The tiers below are based upon when Towns refresh their inventories. Tier 1 sets are present before the first town refresh. Tier 2 occurs after the first town refresh. There are a total of 5 town refreshes in a normal FTK campaign, with the final town refresh only increasing prices of consumables and town services.

Attribute Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3 Tier 4 Tier 5 Specialty
Intelligence Tattered Robe / Scholar's Cap / Scholar Wraps Apprentice gear Mage gear Wizard gear Mystic gear Lich Crown
Strength Splint Mail Vest / Kettle Helm / Leather Greaves Splint Mail / Round Helm / Splinted Greaves Iron Vest / Visored Helm / Iron Greaves Iron Plate Mail / Great Helm / Iron Boots Royal gear Magic Leather Armor; Boots of Might
Talent Gambeson / Feathered Hat / Cloth Shoes Fancy gear Performer’s gear Jester’s gear Dream gear Gyoppa's Helm; Thieve's Armor
Awareness Traveller’s gear Explorer’s gear Adventure gear Shadow gear Assassin gear Thieve's Armor
Speed Goblin Helm Monkey / Shaman / Bird gear / Swamp Boots - Snake / Jaguar / Polkadot gear - Swift Shoes; Shaman Hat
Generic Leather Vest / Old Leather Helm / Worn Leather Boots; Old Boots Leather Armor / Sturdy Leather Helm / Sturdy Leather Boots Town Guard gear Soldier gear Dragonhide gear Blessed Vest; Enchanted Plate Mail
Vitality / Regeneration Set - Hide Boots Fur Armor / Fur Boots / Bandit Helm - - -
Specialty Goblin Vest Fishing gear Pirate gear / Captain's Hat Inferno gear - Snow Armor