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The Astronomer is a playable character in the game For The King.


The Astronomer knows well the power that exists beyond the heavens and has managed to harness its dark energy to protect everyone within.

General strategy[]


Main articles: Black Hole and Support Range

Black Hole[]

Chance to instantly remove an enemy from combat when performing direct attack.

Black Hole can trigger from any type of single target attack, regardless of the weapon used. The skill can even trigger with status attacks that deal no damage.

Black Hole can actually be detrimental to grinding due to a loss of XP and Gold, as well as enemy-specific loot, if it triggers. Keep this in mind during combat. Additionally, the Star Matter gained from triggering Black Hole is rather valuable, particularly during the early game. It can also be used to take on Scourges or other tougher fights earlier, saving time.

Support Range[]

Join combat from an additional hex away.

As the Astronomer already has the Support Range skill baked in, some players may choose to swap out the Star Wand early on for something more favorable.

Unlocking the Astronomer[]

The Astronomer is only available with the Lost Civilization Adventure Pack.

Once the downloadable content is installed, the Astronomer will be revealed automatically in the Lore Store and can be unlocked for play for only 1 lore.


The Astrolabe carried by the Astronomer at the beginning of an adventure is based on a real astronomical instrument of the same name. It was historically used to perform navigational calculations, such as measuring angles of elevation, identifying celestial bodies, and triangulating the position of unknown bodies through known ones.