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The Blacksmith is a playable character in the game For The King.


Though lacking experience in combat, the Blacksmith knows armor. Sometimes turning toward the enemy lets the armor absorb what would have been a staggering blow.

General strategy[]

The Blacksmith's Steady ability can be beneficial in the beginnings of battles; using Taunt can allow other party members an additional turn or two to "set up" the fight. This gives support characters time to buff or heal if needed, as well as allowing mages the opportunity to cast ailments and debuffs on the enemy. Additionally, the Blacksmith's high Vitality gives them the hit points needed to take a beating, potentially saving squishier party members from incoming fatal damage.


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Chance to completely negate damage from attack when shield is equipped.

The Blacksmith's Steady ability allows them to fully block any incoming damage; the more health they stand to lose, the greater the chance the Blacksmith has to Steady.

Unlocking the Blacksmith[]

The Blacksmith is automatically unlocked for play when beginning any adventure in For The King.


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