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Chaos is a fundamental mechanic in For The King that corresponds to players' proximity to the game's end and overall progress.

The Chaos Meter[]

A Chaos Meter with 3 emblem slots is displayed throughout the adventure, this represents the level of Chaos in Fahrul. When unleashed, Chaos presents slight complications for the player.

Screenshot of the timeline

The Timeline with Chaos symbols, and the Chaos Meter.

Chaos is an incremental threat that poses a constriction of time for the player, its frequency increasing with difficulty.

Each time a character dies, Chaos will not be produced. Rather, the player's life pool will be correspondingly reduced.

Effects of Chaos[]

Each increase of Chaos represents the spawning of Chaos Hexes in the world, adding navigation challenges. Enemies will scale with each Chaos level, increasing their health by 5%, 10% or 20% depending on the level of difficulty.

Total Chaos[]

If the Chaos Meter reaches maximum capacity (i.e. 3 Chaos emblems are filled in), Fahrul will be engulfed in a state of Chaos. Chaotic land will begin to flood the Land Hexes and the player will encounter greater enemies more frequently, and the Chaos Beast, a being able to attack the entire party at once, will spawn randomly on a hex, hidden until the player walks on it.

Chaos Reduction[]

  • Disabling one of the Chaos Generators, found in each of Fahrul's regions, allows the player to make a selection of choices for their party. One of these involves reducing the current Chaos levels by 1.
  • Finding a Cult Device, found in each of Fahrul's regions, will reduce the Chaos levels by 1.
  • Applying for a Side Quest in any town, which will ask you to find and defeat a Chaos Acolyte Camp, will reduce the Chaos levels by 1.
  • Playing the Chaos Carousel at a Dark Carnival will reduce Chaos levels by 1 or 2 for, respectively, 2 or 3 successful Luck rolls. Note : Careful with this one as getting 1 or less successful Luck rolls will respectively increase Chaos levels by 1 or to Full Chaos.

When Chaos is reduced and you have no current Chaos level, it will be removed from the timeline instead, even if there is no chaos visible on the current timeline selection.