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Characters are playable adventure classes in the game For The King.


There are currently thirteen playable characters in For The King. Each one brings a unique combination of skills, mechanics, and playstyle to an adventure, and can offset or complement other characters in the party. Some characters are more suited to a defensive playstyle, reserved for healing or bodyguard roles. Others are better played in an offensive manner, forcing enemies to submit and ending battles quickly. And some require a more subtle playstyle to take full advantage of their skillset, useful in navigating the land or gaining an advantage when attacking an enemy.

Choosing a character[]

When beginning an adventure, players are given the option to include up to 3 playable characters. There are no restrictions or limits on how many of each character can be included in a party. Character sheets can be reviewed before locking in a selection, in order to compare base stats, special abilities, or starting equipment.

With the various adventure styles and equipment choices presented in For The King, choosing the most beneficial character is an important step to victory. While most party compositions and classes will usually yield winning results on the Apprentice difficulty level, players will need to carefully select the right combinations at the Journeyman and especially Master difficulties in order to succeed.

Unlocking characters[]

Default characters[]

All players will always have access to four starter characters when beginning any adventure in For The King:

The Blacksmith • Default
Though lacking experience in combat, the Blacksmith knows armor. Sometimes turning toward the enemy lets the armor absorb what would have been a staggering blow.
Icon-Lore.png 0
StatIcon-Strength.png76 StatIcon-Vitality.png 80 StatIcon-Intelligence.png40 StatIcon-Awareness.png52 StatIcon-Talent.png72 StatIcon-Speed.png56 StatIcon-Luck.png50 StatIcon-Armor.png 1 StatIcon-Resistance.png0 StatIcon-Evasion.png7 StatIcon-Focus.png4
The Hunter • Default
The Hunter is fast, precise and watchful. Skilled at avoiding danger while traveling overland or underground, the Hunter attacks with deadly accuracy in combat.
Icon-Lore.png 0
StatIcon-Strength.png52 StatIcon-Vitality.png 66 StatIcon-Intelligence.png46 StatIcon-Awareness.png78 StatIcon-Talent.png64 StatIcon-Speed.png78 StatIcon-Luck.png50 StatIcon-Armor.png 1 StatIcon-Resistance.png0 StatIcon-Evasion.png17 StatIcon-Focus.png3
The Minstrel • Default
The Minstrel is formally educated in the performance of music and the recitation of great ballads. Such songs inspire companions to strive for excellence in combat, and to ponder well their shared experiences.
Icon-Lore.png 0
StatIcon-Strength.png44 StatIcon-Vitality.png 50 StatIcon-Intelligence.png70 StatIcon-Awareness.png68 StatIcon-Talent.png78 StatIcon-Speed.png66 StatIcon-Luck.png50 StatIcon-Armor.png 0 StatIcon-Resistance.png1 StatIcon-Evasion.png11 StatIcon-Focus.png3
The Scholar • Default
While others heroes are keeping fit or maintaining their weapons, the Scholar's nose is buried deep in books. Ceaseless study keeps the mind sharp and ever ready to make a sure strike in the tangle of combat.
Icon-Lore.png 0
StatIcon-Strength.png42 StatIcon-Vitality.png 60 StatIcon-Intelligence.png78 StatIcon-Awareness.png66 StatIcon-Talent.png70 StatIcon-Speed.png70 StatIcon-Luck.png50 StatIcon-Armor.png 0 StatIcon-Resistance.png1 StatIcon-Evasion.png13 StatIcon-Focus.png4

Locked characters[]

Other characters will first need to be unlocked for use in future campaigns from the Lore Store, using accumulated lore points:

The Busker • Locked
The tricky Busker might be considered weak, if ever caught in a fair fight. With music by turns entertaining and distracting, if the battle turns the Busker is also fleet of foot. Performing wherever people gather, this rascal is rarely short of coin.
Icon-Lore.png 12
StatIcon-Strength.png72 StatIcon-Vitality.png 68 StatIcon-Intelligence.png48 StatIcon-Awareness.png54 StatIcon-Talent.png76 StatIcon-Speed.png58 StatIcon-Luck.png50 StatIcon-Armor.png 1 StatIcon-Resistance.png0 StatIcon-Evasion.png8 StatIcon-Focus.png3
The Herbalist • Locked
Wise in the ways of nature, the Herbalist can make highly effective use of healing items. While travelling she is always watching out for useful herbs and plants.
Icon-Lore.png 15
StatIcon-Strength.png44 StatIcon-Vitality.png 52 StatIcon-Intelligence.png76 StatIcon-Awareness.png70 StatIcon-Talent.png58 StatIcon-Speed.png64 StatIcon-Luck.png50 StatIcon-Armor.png 0 StatIcon-Resistance.png1 StatIcon-Evasion.png10 StatIcon-Focus.png3
The Trapper • Locked
From years of experience, the Trapper understands not only the mechanisms, but also the mind of the sort of person who would set a trap. When moving on an enemy, the Trapper fears little that the fight will attract additional foes.
Icon-Lore.png 10
StatIcon-Strength.png48 StatIcon-Vitality.png 60 StatIcon-Intelligence.png42 StatIcon-Awareness.png76 StatIcon-Talent.png72 StatIcon-Speed.png74 StatIcon-Luck.png50 StatIcon-Armor.png 0 StatIcon-Resistance.png0 StatIcon-Evasion.png15 StatIcon-Focus.png3
The Woodcutter • Locked
The Woodcutter makes for a stalwart ally in combat, swinging weapons with considerable might. Even inanimate objects are swept aside, for an axe can smash as easily through wood and stone as flesh and bone.
Icon-Lore.png 18
StatIcon-Strength.png78 StatIcon-Vitality.png 74 StatIcon-Intelligence.png44 StatIcon-Awareness.png70 StatIcon-Talent.png52 StatIcon-Speed.png58 StatIcon-Luck.png50 StatIcon-Armor.png 1 StatIcon-Resistance.png0 StatIcon-Evasion.png8 StatIcon-Focus.png3

"Lost" characters[]

Some characters must first be discovered on the map during an adventure before they can be unlocked and purchased for play. The conditions required to reveal these characters is unique to each one, and each character is revealed independently of one another. For more information on how to find these characters in-game, see the Lore Store page or refer to their respective entries:

The Hobo • Lost
Ignored and forgotten by the world, misfortune has been the only constant in the Hobo's life. But, fires stoked by an act of generosity, this wanderer would now defy those who threaten Fahrul.
Icon-Lore.png 15
StatIcon-Strength.png70 StatIcon-Vitality.png 70 StatIcon-Intelligence.png70 StatIcon-Awareness.png70 StatIcon-Talent.png70 StatIcon-Speed.png70 StatIcon-Luck.png50 StatIcon-Armor.png 1 StatIcon-Resistance.png1 StatIcon-Evasion.png13 StatIcon-Focus.png2
The Monk • Lost
Living a mostly secluded life has allowed the Monk to perfect mystical techniques useful in battle. A boon to allies, the Monk can heal wounds and restore focus in the midst of combat.
Icon-Lore.png 18
StatIcon-Strength.png74 StatIcon-Vitality.png 62 StatIcon-Intelligence.png74 StatIcon-Awareness.png60 StatIcon-Talent.png48 StatIcon-Speed.png60 StatIcon-Luck.png50 StatIcon-Armor.png 1 StatIcon-Resistance.png1 StatIcon-Evasion.png9 StatIcon-Focus.png3
The Treasure Hunter • Lost
The Treasure Hunter has a knack for finding hidden treasure where others may have overlooked and worries not about mimics when opening chests.
Icon-Lore.png 20
StatIcon-Strength.png42 StatIcon-Vitality.png 56 StatIcon-Intelligence.png74 StatIcon-Awareness.png74 StatIcon-Talent.png74 StatIcon-Speed.png58 StatIcon-Luck.png50 StatIcon-Armor.png 0 StatIcon-Resistance.png1 StatIcon-Evasion.png8 StatIcon-Focus.png3

DLC characters[]

The Lost Civilization Adventure Pack adds two new playable characters to the game. As with most other characters, they must first be revealed and unlocked from the Lore Store before they can be used in a campaign:

The Astronomer • Default, Locked, DLC
The Astronomer knows well the power that exists beyond the heavens and has managed to harness its dark energy to protect everyone within.
Icon-Lore.png 1
StatIcon-Strength.png50 StatIcon-Vitality.png 74 StatIcon-Intelligence.png76 StatIcon-Awareness.png68 StatIcon-Talent.png46 StatIcon-Speed.png62 StatIcon-Luck.png50 StatIcon-Armor.png 1 StatIcon-Resistance.png1 StatIcon-Evasion.png9 StatIcon-Focus.png4
The Gladiator • Lost, DLC
From years of seeking glory and surviving Fahrul's deadly arenas, the Gladiator has learned that above all else, offense is the best defense.
Icon-Lore.png 15
StatIcon-Strength.png76 StatIcon-Vitality.png 52 StatIcon-Intelligence.png40 StatIcon-Awareness.png76 StatIcon-Talent.png50 StatIcon-Speed.png70 StatIcon-Luck.png50 StatIcon-Armor.png 1 StatIcon-Resistance.png0 StatIcon-Evasion.png13 StatIcon-Focus.png3

*Stats are shown on the CrownJourneyman.png journeyman difficulty.


Trading between characters[]

Characters are able to trade items, equipment, and gold between one another during an adventure. To do so, the two characters desiring to trade must be on the same hex, or at least no more than 1 hex away from one another. The trade options will then become accessible in the character submenu, and players can sort through their inventories or adjust gold amounts before completing the trade.

Ending adventures[]

Once an adventure or campaign is completed (whether by winning or defeat), it is effectively "over", and those specific heroes cannot be brought into future adventures (they can, of course, be recreated from scratch).

Apprentice difficulty[]

On the Apprentice difficulty level, all characters will have a +5 bonus to all base stats.