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There are currently 13 playable Character in For The King:

They are equivalent to Classes in other games, and each one begins the game with their own unique inventory and set of Skills.

Unlocking Characters[]

All players will always have access to four starter Characters when beginning a campaign in For The King:

Other Characters can be unlocked for use in future campaigns from The Lore Store, using accumulated Lore points:

In addition to purchasing them with Lore, some Characters require that you first find them on the map during a campaign before they can be permanently unlocked for play. The conditions required to unlock them will vary for each one. For more information on finding these Characters, visit The Lore Store page or refer to their respective entries:

The Lost Civilization Adventure Pack adds two new playable characters to the game. As with most other characters, they must first be unlocked and purchased from the Lore Store before they can be used in a campaign.

List Of Characters[]

The Characters
Icon Class Description Special Abilities Starting Equipment Starting Stats* (+5 on Apprentice) Additional Notes
Str Vit Int Awa Tal Spd Lck
Icon Hunter.png
Hunter The Hunter is fast, precise and watchful. He is skilled at avoiding danger while traveling overland or underground, and he attacks with deadly accuracy in combat. Elite Sneak
Elite Trap Evasion
Energy Boost
Called Shot
+Hunting Bow
+Hermit Grass
+8 Gold
52 66 46 78 64 78 50 Unlocked by default
Icon Blacksmith.png
Blacksmith Though she lacked experience as a warrior when she answered the Queen's call, the Blacksmith knows armor well. She can sometimes turn toward an attack, letting her armor absorb what would have been a staggering blow. Steadfast +Blacksmith's Hammer
+Simple Iron Shield
+11 Gold
76 80 40 52 72 56 50 Unlocked by default
Icon Scholar.png
Scholar While others heroes are keeping fit or maintaining their weapons, the Scholar has his nose buried deep in his books. His ceaseless study keeps his mind sharp and he is ever ready to make are sure strike in the tangle of combat. Refocus +Scholar's Book
+Teleport Scroll
+10 Gold
42 60 78 66 70 70 50 Unlocked by default
Icon Minstrel.png
Minstrel The Minstrel is formally educated in the performance of music and the recitation of great ballads. Her songs inspire her companions to strive for excellence in combat, and to ponder well their shared experiences. Encourage
+Simple Lute
+15 Gold
44 50 70 68 78 66 50 Unlocked by default
Icon Trapper.png
Trapper After years spent crafting and setting traps of her own, the Trapper understands not only the mechanisms, but also the mind of the sort of person who would set them. When she moves on an enemy she fears little that the fight will. Elite Ambush
Elite Trap Disarm
Counter Attack
+Hunting Spear
+Hide Buckler
+7 Gold
48 60 42 76 72 74 50 Can be unlocked in the Lore Store for 10 Lore Points
Icon Herbalist.png
Herbalist Wise in the ways of nature, the Herbalist can make highly effective use of healing items. While traveling she is always watching out for useful herbs and plants. Party Heal
Gather Herbs
+2 Godsbeard
+8 Gold
44 52 76 70 58 64 50 Can be unlocked in the Lore Store for 15 Lore Points
Icon Busker.png
Busker The tricky Busker might be considered weak if he ever fought fair. His music is by turns entertaining and distracting, and if the battle ever turns against him, he proves fleet of foot. Plying his trade wherever people gather, he is rarely short of coin. Elite Flee
+Broken Lute
+7 Gold
72 68 48 54 76 58 50 Can be unlocked in the Lore Store for 10 Lore Points
Icon Woodcutter.png
Woodcutter The Woodcutter makes for a stalwart ally in combat, swinging his weapon with all his considerable might. Even inanimate objects fail to deter him as his axe smashes as easily through wood and stone as flesh and bone. Elite Door Bash
+Woodcutter's Axe
+9 Gold
78 74 44 70 52 58 50 Can be unlocked in the Lore Store for 18 Lore Points
Ftk HOBO.png
Hobo Ignored and forgotten by the world, misfortune has been the only constant in the Hobo's life. But an act of generosity has stoked his fire, and now he would defy those who threaten Fahrul None +Sharpened Stick
+10 Gold
70 70 70 70 70 70 50 Unlocked in The Lore Store for 15 Lore Points (after encountering and paying the Hobo during story mode)
Ftk MONK.png
Monk Having spent most of his life in seclusion honing his body and mind, the Monk has perfected mystical techniques useful in battle. He is a boon to his allies, able to heal their wounds and restore their focus in the midst of combat. Party Heal


+2 Golden Root
+8 Gold
74 62 74 60 48 60 50 Unlocked in The Lore Store for 18 Lore points (after saving him from a snow cave in the Frost Adventure)
Treasure Hunter The treasure hunter has a knack for finding hidden treasure where others may have overlooked and worries not about mimics when opening chests. Mimic Whisper
Find Treasure
+Treasure map
+6 Gold
42 56 74 74 74 58 50 Unlocked in The Lore Store for 20 Lore points (after saving her from the Whale Belly in the Into the Deep Adventure)
Astronomer The Astronomer knows well the power that exists beyond the heavens and has managed to harness it's dark energy to protect everyone withing. Support Range
Black Hole
+Star Wand
+Cracked Spyglass
+8 Gold
50 74 76 68 46 62 50 Unlocked in The Lore Store for 1 Lore point (after buying the Lost Civilization Adventure Pack)
Gladiator From years of seeking glory and surviving Fahrul's deadly arenas, the Gladiator has learned that above all else, offense is the best defense. The Gladiator is a highly agile and strong melee warrior that has grown accustomed to entertaining the crowd. Entertain
+Wooden Parma
+Worn Trident
+12 Gold
76 52 40 76 50 70 50 Unlocked in The Lore Store for 15 Lore points (after beating the champion of Local Arena encounter. Requires The Lost Civilization Adventure)

*On Apprentice difficulty, all Characters gain a +5 bonus to base stats.