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One time only consumables usable by the player in either the World or during combat.

Name Description
  • Herbs can be used in or out of combat. Most can be found using the Gather Herbs passive skill. The effect of most herbs is improved based upon a character's pipe level.
HerbGodsbeard.png Godsbeard Godsbeard is a common healing Herb available from the beginning of the game.
HerbPanax.png Panax Panax is a common cleansing Herb that relieves a varying number of Poison, Bleeding, and elemental effects.
HerbHermitGrass.png Hermit Grass Hermit Grass is an uncommon utility Herb that will either increase Sneak chance or grant an in-combat evasion bonus.
Herb.png Dancing Nettle Dancing Nettle is an uncommon herb that will either give additional action points or increase speed.
HerbXP.png Scholar's Wort Scholar's Wort is an uncommon Herb which will gift the player experience (XP) upon use.
HerbHagsBane.png Hag's Bane Hag's Bane is an uncommon cleansing Herb that relieves a party member of Curses.
HerbDeadLotus.png Dead Lotus Dead Lotus is a rare death-defying Herb which allows the player to negate the lethality of incoming damage for a short period, see Resilient.
HerbFireSilk.png Firesilk Firesilk is a rare healing Herb which will restore a user to perfect health. Not found by Gather Herbs skill.
  • Scrolls can be used out of combat or in specific dungeon scenarios
Scroll.png For more information, see the Scrolls page.
  • Orbs can be used in combat to cause damage and/or apply status effects to enemies.
Blank.png For more information, see the Orbs page.
  • Equipments are used to perform specific tasks at encounters or in specific dungeon scenarios:
Backpack3.png Carnival Ticket This will grant one person access into the Dark Carnival.
Backpack3.png Lockpicks Necessary tools for opening most locks.
Backpack3.png Tinder Pouch Use to create a camp at which all party members may heal and regain focus.
Backpack3.png Caustic Ink Keep the Kraken away from the boat.
Backpack3.png Thief's Delight Disarms any traps in the immediate vicinity.
Backpack3.png Prismatic Fish Taking this to the Night Market rewards with a item of you choice.
Backpack3.png Shattered Mirror An enchanted mirror uses to reflect combat damage.
Backpack3.png Treasure Map Points out the location of a treasure, mostly a treasure chest.
Backpack3.png Ship Deed Excahnge this deed at any port to receive a new boat.
  • Potions grant the player a variety of either permanent or ephemeral buffs/debuffs:
Consumable.png Fairy Dust Use to attract enemies in combat for a short time.
Consumable.png Fermented Rootsworth Drinking this delicious tea fills one with reckless abandon, boosting offense but lower defense.
Consumable.png Fahrul Mule Drinking this myterious concoction will temporarly boost attack damage by 25%.
Consumable.png Sugary Beverage Initially created as a powerful antidote to cure all ailments, this sugary beverage is now consumed just for the taste. Effects: Removes all conditions & curses; & Restores full focus.
Mead Consuming this drink temporarly numbs pain and fully negates all damage from the next attack.
  • Candy and Snacks grants a bonus to the user's abilities:
Blackcandy2.png Black Candy Permanent +1 to Physical Damage
Blackcandy2.png Spirit Taffy Permanent +1 to Magic Damage
Blackcandy2.png Salty Jawbreaker Permanent +1 to Physical Resistance (Armor (stat))
Blackcandy2.png Honeyed Sponge Permanent +1 to Magic Resistance
Blackcandy2.png Rogue's Brew Permanent +2 to Evasion
Blackcandy2.png Snickerdoodle‎‎  Replenish +5 HP