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The picture depicts a Cult Device and a player interacting with the device with the options of attempting the roll or leaving the Cult Device. The 5 slot outcomes are Success, Success, +5 Damage, +5 Party Damage, and +1 Chaos.

An example of a Cult Device in the For the King Gamemode. In this case, the stat challenged is speed.

The Cult Device is a special location that the player can find and, if successful, destroy to gain the choice of reducing Chaos, gaining a Life, or destroying a Scourge. The player will attempt a roll for one of the core stats. An unsuccessful Slot Outcome can result in player damage, party damage, or additional Chaos.

Hovering over the Cult Device will show you the icon of which stat is going to be challenged.


In the For the King Gamemode, your second quest is to Solve the Cult Device in the Guardian Forest.

The quest that occurs in the For the King Gamemode.