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Status EffectDisease


Diseases are a type of status effect in For The King. They were added with the Lost Civilization Adventure Pack.

Diseases will get progressively worse if not removed, and an afflicted character is capable of spreading that Disease to other party members.

Types of Diseases[]

There are currently three different Diseases in For The King, and each will affect characters in a different way:

Disease Stage One Effects Bonus Health Penalty
Chaos Fever -2 Armor +2 Resistance -10% Max HP
Jungle Rot 2 Damage per turn +5% Evasion -10% Max HP
Stone Skin -5% Evasion +2 Armor -10% Max HP

Notes: All effects shown are at Stage One. Diseases do not appear to harm characters beyond these effects.

Catching Diseases[]

Diseases are generally spread via encounters with enemies from the Lost Civilization Adventure Pack. For the most part, creatures who are contagious are rather obvious, usually by their name or appearance. That being said, be wary of enemies such as The Witchdoctor, who can raise Diseased Corpses from the dead to harry weary adventurers traveling the Overworld.

Curing Diseases[]

Diseases are classified as an Ailment, and as such, can be removed like any other affliction of the type: