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Identify Scrolls can be used to identify the nature of Chests in dungeons.

A Dungeon is a location which present a series of challenges for the player.

In order for a party to enter the dungeon, all of the players must be in the same region, no matter how far from the location.

Upon entering the dungeon, the players will be presented with one of a few scenarios, these being:

  • Fight - A fight against 3 enemies
  • Chest - A chest is presented with the option to Proceed or Open. Using an Identify Scroll will discern the nature of the chest. Some chests are Mimics in disguise, and will attack the players with initiative if opened. Chests that are not Mimics will reward the players with loot. Note: In Co-op play, it is often a good idea to store Lockpicks on the same character as Identify Scrolls. This allows for that character to open an identified locked chest without having to pass control to another player.
  • Trap - A trap encounter. See the Traps section below.
  • Healing Pool - One character can make a Vitality check to heal themselves.
  • Goblin Merchant - A merchant selling items.
  • Stairs - An opportunity to use a tinder pouch to heal and regain focus.
  • Door - Characters must make a Strength based check to break down a door, or use Lockpicks to complete the task.
  • Boss - In some dungeons, there is a boss encounter, where players must fight 3 harder than average enemies.
  • Treasure Room - At the end of some dungeons, players are rewarded with loot.
  • Chaos Generator Room - Some dungeons end with a chaos generator, providing the ability to reduce chaos.

Between each scenario, the players are given the opportunity to manage their inventory and use items. Items that may be used are limited to those that can be used within a fight. Once each player has pressed the 'Ready' button, the next scenario will begin. A character with the Party Heal skill may use this ability freely during the 'Ready' stage.

List Of Dungeons[]


The Axe Trap

Occasionally within dungeons you come across trap rooms. These are Stat based challenges which must be overcome in order to progress.

Each trap has three options:

  1. Dismantle - Disabling the trap and allowing your entire party to pass (Talent based check)
  2. Proceed - This character will pass through the trap alone, leaving the others behind (Awareness based check)
  3. Pass - Pass your option onto the next player

Using a Thief's Delight will instantly dismantle the trap at the cost of the item.

Types of Traps[]

  • Acid Bucket Trap
  • Arrow Trap
  • Avalanche!
  • Axe Trap
  • Boulder Trap
  • Disease Trap
  • Gas Trap
  • Icicle Trap
  • Magnet Trap
  • Metal Door
  • Mine Cart Trap
  • Poison Trap
  • Spear Trap
  • Statue Trap
  • Stone Door
  • Tentacles
  • Wooden Door


  • When in a dungeon, time does not progress outside (no "rounds" occur). However, "virtual" rounds pass with each room and that determines which character's turn it is once you exit the dungeon.
    • For example, entering a dungeon with 4 rooms with Player 1 means that you will spend 4 virtual turns inside, one for P1, P2, P3, P1. Thus, upon exiting it would be P2's turn.