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Dungeon Crawl is one of the playable adventure modes in the game For The King.


Explore the depths of Fahrul in a free-form adventure to locate and destroy the Chaos Generators deep within the 5 deadly dungeons.


"Destroy the chaos generators"[]

Queen Rosomon
"From Fahrul's dark corners, Chaos Generators are wreaking havoc. Seek them out and destroy them all!"
Quest objectives
Find and purge all realm dungeons.


Dungeon Crawl campaign has a somewhat more relaxed and open-ended playstyle. Players will begin their adventures in one of three biomes/realms (see below). Players can expect a more diverse and varied start to their adventure as a result. During the campaign, the same essential timeline will apply as seen in the For The King adventure. That is, scourges and chaos will appear as normal, though less frequently than in a story adventure. The 5 Deadly Dungeons scale based upon how many dungeons have been cleared. At the beginning of the game until any dungeon is cleared, all dungeons discovered will display at level 2. However upon completion of any dungeon, all remaining dungeons will have their displayed level increased by two levels. Therefore the 2nd dungeon attempted will always be level 4. The 3rd dungeon will be level 6. The 4th dungeon will be level 8, and the final dungeon will be level 10 (regardless what order the dungeons are chosen to be cleared).

Core mechanics[]

Notable enemies[]

The final boss chosen for the 5th Deadly Dungeon will be one of the 3 Elemental Revenants from the For The King adventure.

Notable locations[]

Biome/Realm Primary Town Deadly Dungeon
Burning Forest* Fire Elm Mage Dungeon
Dropstone Badlands Imp's Corridor Obsidian Keep
Golden Plains* Parid King's Maze
Jungle Falls Texatulan Ancient Temple

Guardian Forest*

Oarton Glittering Mines
Poison Bog Castle Vakker Flooded Crypt
Rogue Isles Devil's Wharf Water Temple
Shivering Woods Ravenhook Ice Shrine
Parched Waste Hasta Buried Temple

*Biome/Realm that can be chosen at random as the starting biome/realm.

Note: Primary towns will contain a side-quest to Reduce Chaos. Secondary towns will not contain these types of side-quests.

Note: A game of Dungeon Crawl will randomly select 7 biomes/realms for each game. As there are a total of 9 possible biomes/realms to choose from, 2 biomes/realms will not appear in a game. Additionally, of the 7 biomes/realms chosen, only 5 of these will be selected to contain one of the 5 deadly dungeons.

Lore Store Unlock - Forest Mystic skin[]

The "Mage Dungeon" can only be found by playing a game of Dungeon Crawl. This Mage Dungeon will contain the "Caged Cat" and unlocks the Forest Mystic skin customization for the Lore Store. As it is very possible that a random game of Dungeon Crawl will not select either the Burning Forest biome/realm or the Mage Dungeon from the Burning Forest, it may require several Dungeon Crawl game attempts for the combination of both the Burning Forest biome & the Mage Dungeon to be randomly selected.