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An Encounter in For The King is a chance-based event that can randomly appear on a hex during a campaign. There are many types of encounters, from dark, mysterious caverns to unexpected, life threatening traps! You see a treasure chest, but is it really safe to open?

Triggering Encounters[]

While most encounters won't appear until a character moves onto an appropriate hex, others will appear on their own (often indicated with either a large exclamation mark or a question mark that hovers above a hex). Most encounters are persistent and can be safely exited and attempted at a later time, however, some are completely unavoidable and must be played through by whichever party member triggered the challenge. Additionally, some encounters will despawn immediately if a character exits without attempting the challenge.


Once triggered, characters will be required to meet specific stat checks in exchange for a desired outcome. Oftentimes, succeeding in an encounter means special rewards, such as rare items, temporary buffs, or permanent boosts to base stats. Failed challenges will result in damage, status debuffs such as Poisoned, and sometimes even death! There are also negative encounters designed specifically to hurt or slow characters, whether a successful stat check is made or not.

List of Encounters[]

Encounter Name Stat Check Description Possible Outcomes Focused Avoidable Immediate Despawn
Abandoned Village Intelligence Challenge Gain Item (Tinder Pouch) Yes Yes No
Ancient Ruins Awareness Challenge +XP/-XP/Fight Yes Yes No
Arena Ruins Awareness Challenge Gain Item Yes Yes No
Armor Merchant n/a Merchant n/a n/a Yes No
Armor Merchant Ship n/a Merchant at Sea n/a n/a Yes No
Buried Artifact Strength Challenge Gain Item/Damage Yes Yes Yes
Cavern Awareness Challenge Random Loot / Fight Yes Yes No
Dark Pool Vitality Challenge Gain Item/Skip Turn/Death No Yes Yes
Dead Adventurer n/a Choice Random Loot n/a Yes No
Deep Cavern Awareness Challenge Gain Item4/Skip Turn3/ No Yes Yes
Deep Pool Vitality Challenge Gain Item/Skip Turn/Death No Yes Yes
Devious Enchanter Luck Challenge Gain Item/Lose Belt Item/Lose Pack Item No No Yes
Distress Call Awareness Challenge at Sea Gold/Fight No Yes Yes
Drinking Contest Vitality Challenge +Gold/Poisoned No Yes No
Embedded Blade Strength Challenge Random Sword / Nothing Yes Yes No
End of the Rainbow Luck Challenge Treasure Chest / Combat (Leprechauns) No Yes Yes
Falling Tree Awareness Challenge Nothing / Damage No Yes
Field of Herbs Awareness Challenge Random Herb/Poisoned Yes Yes No
Firesilk Awareness Challenge Firesilk No n/a n/a
Floating Chest Luck Challenge at Sea Mimic / Treasure Chest No Yes Yes
Fountain of Life Speed Challenge +Life/Fight Yes Yes No
Friendly Camper Vitality Challenge +HP Yes Yes No
Friendly Dolphins Intelligence Challenge at sea +1 Focus/Regain Focus No Yes Yes
Game of Cards Talent Challenge +/-Gold No Yes No
General Merchant n/a Merchant n/a n/a Yes No
Ghost Ship Intelligence Challenge at Sea XP/Fight (3 Ghosts/Wraiths) No Yes No
Goblin Merchant n/a Merchant n/a n/a No No
Good Fishing Spot Luck Challenge at Sea Prismatic Fish / Gain Item / Kraken No Yes Yes
Guarded Treasure Luck Challenge Treasure Chest / Fight No Yes No
Helpful Fisher Luck Challenge at Sea Boat Repair / Boat Damage No Yes No
Hot Spring Vitality Challenge +HP/-HP No Yes No
Iceberg Strength Challenge Ship Damage / Ship Wreck Yes No Yes
Ice Idol Intelligence Challenge Focus Yes Yes No
Jagged Cliff Strength Challenge Surgery Beverage Yes Yes No
Keen Eye Awareness Challenge Gain Item No No Yes
Lost and Found Awareness Challenge Loot/Lost Turn No Yes No
Magic Merchant n/a Merchant n/a n/a Yes No
Magic Merchant Ship n/a Merchant at Sea n/a n/a Yes No
Message in a Bottle Awareness Challenge at Sea Hildebrant's Reserve/Random Scroll/Nothing No No Yes
Mud Pit Speed Challenge Nothing/Lost Turn Yes No n/a
Overboard! Vitality Challenge at Sea XP/Lose Movement/Death Yes No Yes
Pipe Smith n/a Merchant n/a n/a Yes No
Pearl Diving Awareness Challenge at Sea Precious Pearl / Fight (Clams) Yes Yes Yes
Primordial Oak Vitality Challenge +HP Yes Yes No
Quiet Glade Intelligence Challenge Regain Focus/Loose Focus No Yes No
Roadside Grave Intelligence Challenge +XP Yes Yes No
Rogue Wave Strength Challenge at Sea XP/Lose Belt item / Lose All Gold No No Yes
Rough Seas Talent Challenge at Sea XP/Ship Damage Yes No Yes
Sea Lantern Talent Challenge at Sea +Boat Movement No Yes No
Shallow Reef Talent Challenge at Sea XP / Ship Damage / Ship Wreck Yes No Yes
Sharks Vitality Challenge at Sea /Damage Yes No Yes
Shelter Luck Challenge Full Restore/+HP/Fight No Yes No
Shrooms Vitality Challenge Cave Mushroom/Poisoned No Yes No
Standing Stones Intelligence Challenge +1 Max Focus / Lose All Focus No Yes No
Strong Current Luck Challenge at Sea +Movement / -Movement No No Yes
Trainer n/a Merchant n/a n/a Yes No
Traveling Healer Vitality Challenge +HP No Yes No
Treasure Chest n/a Choice Random Loot n/a Yes No
Tricky Terrian Talent Challenge Nothing / Damage Yes No Yes
Twisted Archer Speed Challenge +Gold/Damage No Yes No
Unmarked Buoy Awareness Challenge at Sea Treasure Chest / Fight (3 Poison Puffs) No Yes Yes
Weathered Runestone Intelligence Challenge +/-XP No Yes No
Whirlpool Talent Challenge at Sea +XP/Damage Yes No n/a
Wishing Well Luck Challenge Choice of Reward/Poisoned n/a Yes No
Wreckage Strength Challenge at Sea Boat Repair Kit / Caustic Ink / Ship Damage No Yes Yes

Additional Notes[]

Bad weather will increase the chance of a negative encounter.