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Helpful items that a character can equip.


Equipment in For The King is any item that can be worn, wielded, or otherwise equipped by a character.

Equippable Item Types[]


Arms are pieces of equipment that a character can wield in combat, whether single-handedly or using both hands:

  • Weapons are a character's primary means of attacking an opponent. They can come in a variety of forms and styles, from swords to guns to lutes.
  • Shields are primarily for defense, but some are known to have properties that can inflict damage as well.


Apparel is worn on a character's person mainly for defense, but also as an effective means of boosting stats:

  • Armor is how characters mitigate incoming damage. Aside from light, medium, and heavy body armor, there are cloaks or robes that characters can wear instead.
  • Headgear are hats, hoods, and helmets, as well as anything else equipped to a character's head slot.
  • Footwear includes shoes, slippers, boots, sandals, and other gear worn on the feet.


Some accessories merely bolster a character's stats, while others can impart a wide variety of interesting skills and abilities:

  • Trinkets are potent talismans and heirlooms characters can carry to boost their stats in unusual ways.
  • Necklaces are rare amulets or collars that can be equipped by a character, and operate in much the same manner as trinkets.
  • Pipes are upgradeable items that increase the effectiveness of herbs. All characters begin their adventures with a basic pipe already equipped.