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Fahrul is the name of the kingdom wherein For The King's adventures take place. It is currently ruled by Queen Rosomon.


“Seen from far above as a bird might, Fahrul must resemble a motley patchwork of gold fields, green forests, bright desert sands, rocky badlands and sparkling oceans. I can tell you from the experience of my long travels that the transition between these realms is drastic. A day’s walk may take you from a cool and breezy forest to a baking desert wasteland, or from jagged granite slopes to a dismal bog. Different manners of people and creatures inhabit each realm, and while people will usually help you (for a price), there are few friendly beasts in the world. To travel is to participate in the struggle for life or death. If you do not wish to take part, my advice is to stay home.”

—Excerpt from Bara Het’s A Kaleidoscope of Realms

Current ruler[]

The Good Queen Rosomon rules over Fahrul since her husband's untimely death.

The Good Queen Rosomon has ruled over Fahrul since her husband's untimely death.

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Queen Rosomon is the widowed monarch who rules over Fahrul throughout For The King's various story adventures. She is the primary questgiver in the main campaign, which begins with the death of the Queen's husband, the Good King Bronner. Players will interact with her majesty's royal agents, Hildebrant and Dreea Pallor, rather than Queen Rosomon herself to receive specific quest objectives.


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