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This guide is about speed.
More precisely, being faster than the opponents to kill at least one of them before their first turn.

The fast characters such as Hunter (78), Trapper (74) and Scholar (70) are suitable for this.
You should push Speed over 90.

Visit Aston's guide to learn more about the party layout.


The Scholar[]

Mostly equipped with a magic weapon, he is a strong damagedealer with a staff, the Lightning Staff would be perfect.

But Frozen Tome or Volcanic Tome are also perfect as damage amplifiers or damage over time on enemie parties.

You can play with a physcial int weapon too.


The Trapper[]

Try to use a onehand Spear, like War Spear or Silver Spear with Armor Pierce and a Shield to use him as a tank.

The Trapper can also played with a magic weapon (talent based).


The Hunter[]

If possible equipped with a bow to use Called Shot.
Armorpiercing would be nice too.

As an alternative, a spear is also possible, if one hand or two hands depends on your party, 1h = tank - 2h = dmg.


Weapons that work with speed would be best.

These usually increase your Speed and you increase your accuracy.


  • Take all quests in town that reduce chaos
    (Should there be a very good item, or if you are an experienced player, you can also take the item quest.)
  • Try to buy a stronger weapon in the first two cities to do more damage before your opponent is attacking.
  • Use tents in situation you can use it several times, at least 5 times.
    Eg. before a Scourge an after it, and if possible after another fight (3 characters for 3 rounds = 9 times)
  • Don't buy overpriced weapons, prefer to buy armor and other defensive items, like Candies.
  • Stay together in the combat zone of each biome, but discover it for all points of interest.
  • Make as many fights as possible without dying in one act of the game.
  • Use ambush for heavy enemies or camps!
    - Don't hesitate to "ambush" and use focus for this.
  • Try to split evasion for all characters to 35 and higher (Hunter and Trapper).
  • Clear sea caves for the Precious Pearl (for full focus and removing any ailments at your party in the bossfights!)


Recommended are the following sanctums:

  • Greater Sanctum of Shadow -> +5 Speed
  • Greater Sanctum of Wisdom -> +5 Intelligence for Scholar
  • Greater Sanctum of Blood -> +10% Critical Strike Chance for Hunter
  • Greater Sanctum of Life -> Max Health + Health Regeneration for the tank
  • Greater Sanctum of Wealth -> If you use Trapper with talent-weapon and goldmultiplier

General Tips[]

  • Don't use auto turn end!!!!
  • Buy at least PipeUpgrade 1, better 2
    - If you have a item with partyheal save it (in the inventar) and push pipeupgrade at this character to 3.
    You can switch items in dungeons after a fight and heal the party ^^
  • Land the ballon at turn end, if the talent stats from the next player is lower then Speed.
    -Dice on land checks Speed.
  • Use free teleport to dungeon to save movement