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For The King is one of the playable adventure modes in the game For The King.


Battle against Chaos in a story driven adventure as you attempt to solve the King's murder and restore order to the land.



"The brink of chaos"[]

Good King Bronner has been slain. The once peaceful kingdom of Fahrul is being corrupted by wild Chaos energy and ravaged by monsters and bandits. The grieving Queen Rosomon has called for Fahrul's ordinary citizens to search the land for the King's murderer and the source of the Chaos energy. The tale now begins in the Guardian Forest, where there have been rumors of suspicious activity and sinister strangers in the woods. Three would-be heroes meet in Oarton to begin their quest.

Act I[]

"The queen's call"[]

Queen Rosomon
"First the wizard Vexor vanishes, then my own husband was slain in his palace. You may be the last hope of Fahrul. Seek out Hildebrant in Woodsmoke. You will be told how best to aid our efforts. Your quest has begun. Strive against this Chaos lest our realm be consumed by it!"
Quest Objectives:
Go to Woodsmoke in the Guardian Forest.
Solve the Cult Device in the Guardian Forest.
Kill the Chaos Leader in the Guardian Forest.
Purge the Glittering Mines in the Guardian Forest.
Go to the Lost Supplies in the Guardian Forest (optional).

Act II[]

"The shattered key"[]

Dreea Pallor
"That fell tower is Harazuel, a cursed place and the source of Chaos. It is protected by a shield which we need to bring down. I know a way. Seek the Key Fragments at these locations."
Quest Objectives:
Go to Parid in the Golden Plains.
Kill the Mind Lord in the Poison Bog/Rogue Isles/Golden Plains/Burning Forest.
Purge the Lich's Crypt in the Poison Bog/Rogue Isles/Golden Plains/Burning Forest.
Solve the Forgotten Cellar in the Poison Bog/Rogue Isles/Golden Plains/Burning Forest.
King's Maze

Act III[]

Quest Objectives:
Go to Hasta in the Parched Waste.
Purge the two Demon Caves in the Dropstone Badlands.
Buried Temple (optional).

Core mechanics[]

Notable enemies[]

Notable locations[]