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Frost Adventure is one of the playable adventure modes in the game For The King.


Brave the cold and go beyond the forest as you search for lost treasure in a frosty wonderland of terror.



"The treasure of Frostbite Peak"[]

Legends speak of a vast treasure hidden atop Frostbite Peak, the tallest mountain in Fahrul. Located in the far reaches of the North and across the frozen sea, the freezing temperatures, wicked winds, and unforgiving terrain would be enough to deter any sane treasure hunter even attempting such a journey. But now, there are more pressing matters which require your attention if you are even to begin such a foolhardy journey...

Act I[]

"Lost ledgers"[]

"Oh! Another treasure hunter heading north to Frostbite Peak? Well, I have some bad news. The Dockworkers Guild hasn't been paid, and they've closed down the ports! You'll be stuck here until we can sort this out. I may have had a few Fahrul Mules, and "misplaced" the accounting ledgers we need to pay them. I need you to retrace my steps and find those ledgers! I vaguely remember playing a game of cards with some lads who had funny accents. There was a beautiful young woman whispering sweet nothings into my ear. What was her name again? I think the Queen's brother and I were doing doughnuts in the woods. I forget what happened after that..."
Quest objectives
Solve the Tavern in the Guardian Forest.
Go to the Closed Contest in the Guardian Forest.
Go to the Crashed Wagon in the Guardian Forest.

Act II[]

Act III[]


Core mechanics[]

Notable enemies[]

Notable locations[]