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The Gladiator is a playable character in the game For The King.


From years of seeking glory and surviving Fahrul's deadly arenas, the Gladiator has learned that above all else, offense is the best defense.

General strategy[]

Much like the Hunter and Trapper, the Gladiator has a high Speed stat, often allowing for the initiative in battle. This can be used to quickly dispatch weaker enemies or to inflict debuffs on enemies before they can do anything in return.

The Gladiator is also built with Strength and Awareness in mind. Due to this, the character is rather flexible when it comes to weaponry. Additionally, starting with both a set of Dual Wields and a Polearm and Shield allows for either an offensive or defensive equipment build from the very beginning of a campaign.


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Gain gold when ending turn within 1 hex of towns and carnivals and night markets.


Chance to temporarily increase attack damage at the beginning of combat.

Unlocking the Gladiator[]

The Gladiator is only available with the Lost Civilization Adventure Pack.

During a Lost Civilization campaign, players will be given a choice of paths related to the adventure's main storyline. To obtain the Gladiator, players must first opt to enter the Parched Waste and visit the city of Hasta, whereupon they will be tasked with finding the Local Arena*. They must then battle their way through the arena and defeat The Champ, after which the Gladiator will be revealed in the Lore Store.

Once the Gladiator is available in the store, the character can be unlocked for play with 15 lore.

*Note that there are two arenas that spawn in this area.


The Pugios and Worn Trident that the Gladiator starts with implies that the Gladiator could be a Retiarius, although typically they would also use a weighted net to ensnare opponents.

The Gladiator was previously teased as a possible Dead Adventurer players could randomly encounter.