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This guide is all about gold, the most important spendable resource in the game! (currently a Work In Progress)

I will be going through some things that in my opinion are absolutely necessary for you as a player to do to beat the game on the higher difficulties.

Some of the things that I will be covering will be common knowledge to more experienced players or might seem like Min-maxing.

But hey, every advantage you can get is good, especially at the higher difficulties.

The Basics[]

One of the most basic things any player/party can do to increase their Gold Efficiency is to always (and i mean ALWAYS) pass the Gold that you get at the end of a battle to the Character/Party Member that has the highest % Gold Multiplier (I will be referring to this as %GM from now on). For the majority of parties this will be either your Busker or Minstrel.

There will also be times where another character be the one collecting the gold, a few example reasons for that being:

  • The party simply does not have a Busker/Minstrel
  • The Busker/Minstrel is using a weapon that does not have %GM and another character now has the highest %GM
  • The party is in a fight where the Character with the highest %GM is not included
  • The Character with the highest %GM is dead

As you can see most of the reasons are pretty self-explanatory and should be obvious to any player that is some-what experienced.

To wrap the basics up, always give pass the gold loot onto the highest %GM character unless they are unavailable.

Now moving onto some more complicated scenarios/situations.

The Even Split[]

There will be times where your party has all Characters with either:

  • Absolutely 0%GM on all Characters
  • Even %GM Between all Characters

Options 2 is obviously the better of the two but Option 1 happens more often.

In either case when this happens the best solution is to just "Share" the gold loot between your party and then juggle the gold around when a person needs more.

Keep in mind if possible you should ALWAYS get your party out of Option 1 as soon as possible, the only exception is if you have to overpay for a %GM piece of equipment, if your party is stuck at 0%GM early on I would recommend picking up a Fancy Ruff for a Character to equip.

Spending Your Gold Efficiently[]

For this section I will be covering what I believe to be the most effective way of spending your gold on the various elements in-game

I will be splitting this part up into separate parts as I feel they should be covered individually the different sections will cover:

  • Consumables
  • Equipment
  • Services/Gold Quests
  • Goblin Merchant
  • Night Market/Travelling Merchant