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The gamemode Gold Rush is the fifth introduced campaign within the game.

This new adventure entitled   lets you fight against other players and are tasked by everyone's favourite scourge Fergus the Mad to be the first to deliver 100 gold coins to his hidden vault. You’re in the (brand new) realm of The Midnight Woods. A land of perpetual darkness, and spooky night time enemies.

The winner is granted a random one of three brand new cosmetic Lore Unlocks.

”So does this mean you’re attacking each other?”[]

No. At its heart, it’s still a Cooperative game.

But given the mechanics already in place in FTK: you use the abilities and knowledge of the game to help or hinder each other. Sometimes whether you want to or not…

There are a number of strategies you can use to be more uncooperative than normal campaigns. We’ve been having a blast playtesting this mode, and have a few we’ll share.

  • Pulling your team in to unwinnable fights, then running away
  • Strategically dragging your party in to a dungeon when they’re across the map
  • Buying items out from under another player
  • Passing your turn in combat to assure you get the killing blow, and thus the first grab at Gold Coins


  • The world is landlocked, and small
  • Unlimited lives, see Safety Stone. Death is just a temporary setback.
  • Towns, Merchants, and Dungeon Shops are all cheap.
  • XP boost. There is a minor XP boost to make things go even quicker
  • Loot, loot, loot. There’s… more loot to scoop up.
  • The amount of gold to collect is available as a House Rules slider.
  • There are no side-quests