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The Herbalist is a playable character in the game For The King.


Wise in the ways of nature, the Herbalist can make highly effective use of healing items. While travelling she is always watching out for useful herbs and plants.

General strategy[]

A combination of low Strength and Vitality with uniquely passive skills often finds the Herbalist shunted into the role of party healer. While the use of Party Heal is somewhat circumstantial, it can be beneficial to players who are still learning the ins and outs of combat. Additionally, the relatively steady influx of herbs can be a boon to new adventurers who aren't yet certain of the game's economy.


Main articles: Gather Herbs and Party Heal

Gather Herbs[]

Chance to gain a random herb at the end of turn while in the wilderness.

Upon ending a turn, the Herbalist has a small chance to find a random Herb, which is then added to her inventory. This can be extremely valuable in the long run, saving the party gold that could be better spent on upgrading equipment.

Party Heal[]

Can use Godsbeard to heal entire party.

The Herbalist is one of only two characters (along with the Monk) that starts the game with the Party Heal skill. This ability allows a character to heal the entire party at the expense of only a single Godsbeard. This is at the cost of a slightly weaker healing effect.

Unlocking the Herbalist[]

The Herbalist is revealed in the Lore Store after beginning a For The King adventure. It then costs 15 lore to unlock the character for play.