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Herbalist - Portrait

HerbIntelligenceCharacterLore Store Unlock

Wise in the ways of nature, the Herbalist can make highly effective use of healing items. While travelling she is always watching out for useful herbs and plants.
Special Abilities Party Heal
Gather Herbs
Starting Base Stats Strength: 44
Vitality: 52
Intelligence: 76
Awareness: 70
Talent: 58
Speed: 64
Luck: 50
Starting Defensive Stats Armor: 0
Resistance: 1
Evasion: 10
Starting Gear Cane
Herbalist - Starter Weapon


The Herbalist is a playable Character in For The King.


Special Abilities[]

The Herbalist is one of only two characters (along with the Monk) that starts the game with the Party Heal skill, which allows her to heal the entire party at the expense of only a single Godsbeard. This is at the cost of a slightly weaker healing effect.

The Herbalist's other special ability is the Gather Herbs skill. Upon ending her turn, the Herbalist has a small chance to find a random Herb, which is then added to her inventory.

Unlocking the Herbalist[]

The Herbalist can be unlocked in the Lore Store simply by starting any For The King campaign.