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Movement in the land of Fahrul is hex-based.

The various Hexes in For The King.


Hex (from the word "Hexagon") is a land tile. The land of Fahrul is made of multiple hexes. In each of the Regions you can have various Weather and natural Events as well as Points Of Interest that have a variety of effects, both good and bad. Additionally, on some hexes will spawn quests or healing / meditation spots, or movement increases (Encampments, Portals, and Alluring Pools).

Player-made Hexes[]

Corrupted Hexes[]

Location Hexes[]

Encounter Hexes[]


(See: Encounters)

Points Of Interest Hexes[]

(See: Points Of Interest)

for example:


There's a nomenclature pun here: Hexes are not to be confused with Curses, which are a completely different thing.