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Hildebrant’s Cellar is one of the playable adventures in the game For The King.


How far can you explore Hildebrant's Cellar and what awaits those who dare?

Unlock unique Lore Store items and special achievements by reaching new depths in this Endless Dungeon challenge mode.



"Unusual Noises"

Strange rumblings and unusual noises have been coming from Hildebrant's cellar as of late. What lies beneath the cellar and beyond?

"Forest Path"

"While doing some spring cleaning I heard some unusual noises coming from my cellar. Could you go investigate it? Before you descend, help yourself to anything you fancy from my yardsale. For a small fee of course. Also, while you're down there, can you bring me back a bottle of my special Reserve? The last group I asked never returned and I could use a drink while I go over the dock worker ledgers."


Core Mechanics

Notable Enemies

Notable Locations

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