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The Hobo is a playable character in the game For The King.


Ignored and forgotten by the world, misfortune has been the only constant in the Hobo's life. But, fires stoked by an act of generosity, this wanderer would now defy those who threaten Fahrul.

General strategy[]


The Hobo is unique to For The King in that there are no special skills inherent to the class. As such, the Hobo must rely heavily on special abilities bestowed by weapons.

Unlocking the Hobo[]

During any adventure, players can happen upon a special encounter*, marked on the map with a purple question mark. Upon moving to the indicated hex, the Friend In Need encounter will begin. Should players take too long reaching the hex, the question mark will disappear like any other encounter. A boat or the air balloon can sometimes make this task easier.

After beginning the encounter, the player will be introduced to the Hobo, who will then ask if they can spare a varying amount of gold. Should the character be able to meet the requisite amount, the Hobo will become available for purchase.

Once the Hobo is revealed in the Lore Store, the character can be unlocked for play with 15 lore.

*Note that the Hobo is not a guaranteed spawn, and may not appear at all during a campaign. See Overworld for more information on spawn rates.


The Hobo's asking donation will vary, depending on the player's current progression into the campaign.