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The Hunter is a playable character in the game For The King.


The Hunter is fast, precise and watchful. Skilled at avoiding danger while traveling overland or underground, the Hunter attacks with deadly accuracy in combat.

General strategy[]

Having both critical attack and sneaking skills, the Hunter excels at planning and initiating combat on the Overworld map, especially if equipped with the ambushing skill. Making good use of the Hunter's high Speed stat to debuff and/or kill low health targets in the beginning of a battle is recommended. Despite having a high high Evasion stat, the Hunter will easily fall due to his low Vitality and Armor/Resistance. As a result, avoid taking engagements against high health or high speed enemies without support. Opt for ambushes against glass cannons or low speed enemies.


Called Shot[]

Chance of perfect roll with bows.

Energy Boost[]

Chance to gain additional action point at end of turn.

Elite Sneak[]

Requires only one slot to sneak.

Elite Trap Evasion[]

Requires fewer slots to avoid traps.

Unlocking the Hunter[]

The Hunter is automatically unlocked for play when beginning any adventure in For The King.


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