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An Immunity is a special skill, imparted to a character from some items and equipment, most notably Trinkets and Necklaces. A character or a creature immune to a status effect doesn't take damage from that type of ailment. Likewise, characters can become immune to certain negative conditions, and will not be affected by the stated ailment. Being immune to one part of an ability doesn't grant a character immunity to its other effects; an adventurer immune to Shock will still take damage if struck by lightning.

Immunities only work against future ailments. If an adventurer is already suffering the consequences of a negative status effect, equipping gear that grants an immunity to that effect will not remove it. Additionally, the Wet status effect disables all immunities on a character.

Some items can also carry group-wide immunities that provide protection against ailments for your entire party.

Corrupted Hexes.

Corrupted Hexes[]

Certain hexes on the map have the ability to Burn, Poison, or even Curse an unlucky character. Equipping an item that grants immunity to poison or curses will prevent any negative statuses while crossing these hexes, as well as having the bonus effect of purging the corruption for anyone coming behind.

List Of Immunities[]

In addition to ailments, there are also some other types of immunities: