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The Kraken's encounter screen

An ancient menace of the deep has been stirred awake.

Avoiding the Kraken[]

You can purchase Caustic Ink from ports to keep the Kraken at bay for 9 turns.

Once unlocked in The Lore Store, you may find Kraken Wards, which help ward away the Kraken.

Fighting the Kraken[]

If you move around the ocean in a boat for a long enough time, you may be ambushed by the Mighty Kraken. An icon in the upper status bar (near the timeline) will indicate if the Kraken has been sighted in your area. Defeating the main body or one of its tentacles will end the fight, however, merely defeating a tentacle will not kill the Kraken! If the Kraken destroys your boat, that will also end the fight. Once you kill the Kraken, it won't attack again. That being said, it is possible to re-engage the Kraken if you fail the Good Fishing Spot encounter.

Tentacles (x2): Level 9 (Apprentice): 209 HP, Immune to burn and stun.

The Mighty Kraken: Level 9 (Apprentice): 418 HP, Immune to burn.


  • Attacks entire party at once with its tentacles.
  • Attacks single target for heavy damage, and damages the boat.
  • Single target confuse debuff.
  • Group Interrupt.
  • Group Armor Down.
  • Group Armor Up.
  • Group Resistance Up

Note-The level may vary depending how far you are in your quest.


For beating the Kraken, you are awarded Lore.

Kraken Fight