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Lost Civilization is one of the playable adventure modes in the game For The King. It was introduced as new downloadable content in February of 2021.


Travel to a lost world and uncover its ancient secrets in an epic quest to save the Kingdom.



"The Great Convergence"[]

Once in an age, three or more planets will become aligned with the sun at the same time, causing the mythical "Great Convergence". This hasn't happened in millennia, but if legends are to be believed, the Great Convergence has cataclysmic or world altering effects on Fahrul. The planets are aligning once again and a Great Convergence is looming upon the realms. The kingdom's astrologers are in a desperate is much too at least a century. To make matters worse there are rumblings of strangers from places unknown roaming the land and peculiar happenings close to home becoming more frequent... Is this the end of Fahrul?

Act I[]

"Assist Hildebrant"[]

Queen Rosomon
"The is the first planetary alignment of our age. A time of bizarre proceedings, and dark omens. We must work together to keep Fahrul stable, and peacful. My aide Hildebrant has been charged with this task. Please assist him however you can."
"Thank you for your help, adventurers. I'm working on a lead, but first I need you to check out some commotion at the local Farmer's Market that could be related."
Quest objectives
Solve the County Fair in the Guardian Forest.

Act II[]

Act III[]


New characters[]

The Lost Civilization DLC introduced two new playable characters:

Core mechanics[]

The Great Convergence[]

Main article: Planetary Alignment

As the planets align the ancient rituals being performed gain strength, the Great Convergence approaches and the planetary alignment meter will fill up. The timeline shows a convergence icon indicating when the next phase in the alignment will happen. As the meter fills, strange and adverse effects will alter the world, including significant heat damage in the later stages. If the meter ever fills up completely, the heat becomes unbearable and Fahrul is lost, resulting in defeat. The planetary alignment meter can be reduced by completing quest objectives and by finding special locations hidden throughout Fahrul.

Notable enemies[]

Notable locations[]