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Mimics were created as a lethal protection against looters. They are indistinguishable from normal chests until opened.

You can find them in dungeons or as encounter "treasure chest".


Using an Identify Scroll will let you know whether a chest is a mimic or not.


The fight against one mimic is a one enemy fight.

Mimics will occasionally use an ability called Chomp. If successful, this attack will destroy a random item belonging to the targeted character. Even is defeated, the item cannot be reclaimed (as is the case with Cutpurses, for example).


Mimics have been a Dungeon Master's favorite, first appearing in the Dungeons & Dragons tabletop role playing game back in 1974. Basically a creature hiding as a chest, waiting for the unsuspecting adventurer.

If a Mimic steals from you, you cannot reclaim your stolen items unlike with other thieves.

When a Mimic is killed it drops loot that you can find in an normal, non-carnivorous chest.