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The Monk is a playable character in the game For The King.


Living a mostly secluded life has allowed the Monk to perfect mystical techniques useful in battle. A boon to allies, the Monk can heal wounds and restore focus in the midst of combat.

General strategy[]


Main articles: Discipline and Party Heal


Grants focus to party members on critical hit or death blow.

Party Heal[]

Can use Godsbeard to heal entire party.

The Monk is one of only two characters (along with the Herbalist) that starts the game with the Party Heal skill. This ability allows a character to heal the entire party at the expense of only a single Godsbeard. This is at the cost of a slightly weaker healing effect.

Unlocking the Monk[]

During a Frost Adventure campaign, players can encounter a unique Snow Cave consisting of only two rooms. The first room will contain a Lonely Yeti, which players must defeat to advance. Upon moving to the second room, players will discover the Monk hanging from the ceiling, asking for help. A successful Strength check is required to free the character.

Once freed the Monk will be revealed in the Lore Store, whereupon the character can be unlocked for play with 18 lore.


The Monk frozen upside down in an icy cave and being guarded by a yeti is an obvious nod to the classic science fiction movie Star Wars: Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back, wherein the character of Luke Skywalker is trapped in a similar fashion by a yeti-like creature on an alien snow planet.