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WARNING! This article contains spoilers.
Special Abilities Discipline

Party Heal

Starting Equipment +Bokken

+1 Golden Root

+3 Gold

Starting Stats Strength: 74
Vitality: 62
Intelligence: 74
Awareness: 60
Talent: 48
Speed: 60
Luck: 50

Armor: 1
Resistance: 1
Evasion: 9
Having spent most of his life in seclusion honing his body and mind, the Monk has perfected mystical techniques useful in battle. He is a boon to his allies, able to heal their wounds and restore their focus in the midst of combat.

The Monk is a character in For The King which was added with the release patch. Unlike the other Characters available through The Lore Store, it first needs to be found in a Frost Adventure.

Unlocking the Monk[]

In the Frost Adventure game mode, players can encounter a Snow Cave in which 2 rooms are located. The first room will contain a Lonely Yeti, which players must defeat to advance. Upon defeat, players will find the Monk hanging from the ceiling, asking for help. A Strength check must be made to free him. Once unlocked, the player can buy the Monk in The Lore Store for 18 Lore to use it as a character in future games.

The Monk after being saved:

Use the force to grab the Bokken!

Fun fact: The Monk hanging from the ceiling is an Easter egg to Star Wars Episode V:The Empire Strikes Back, where a Jedi(Monk-like knight) was hung upside down by a Yeti-like creature.