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Movement is accomplished by testing the character's stats.

The number of slots rolled is determined by the current realm, time of day, weather, and any buffs or abilities.

The number of successful rolls is the number of Hexes that character can move and is shown above the character's head.

The player may spend Focus to gain additional movement points (default right-click on map).

Any enemy you cross on your movement path must be dealt with immediately, more information on the combat page.

Crossing a corrupted hex such as poison will affect your character straightaway.

Not all enemies and encounters appear on the overworld map, some may interrupt your movement and must be resolved before proceeding.


  • Tests the character's Speed.




  • Tests the character's Talent.
  • Must be deployed at a Port (with at least one free Hex)
  • Travel with the party possible
    • Pickup Party: Can pick up characters up to 5 Hexes away
  • Allows travelling over water.
  • Can be repaired with a Boat Repair Kit (2 Health) or by a Friendly Fisher
There are different boat types:
Raft Ship Armored Boat Pirate Boat
Consumable-Common-Raft Deed.png Consumable-Common-Ship Deed.png Consumable-Common-Armored Boat Deed.png Consumable-Artifact-Pirate Boat Deed.png
HP 3 6 8 14
Gold 40 90 200 500


Air Balloon[]

  • Test the character's Luck.
  • Quest reward.
  • Travel with the party possible
    • Pickup Party: Can pick up characters up to 5 Hexes away
  • Allows travelling over water and mountains.
  • Is needed to access Harazuel.


  • Accidentally pulling team members out of the Air Balloon while it is in the air. If you do this by accident it will become impossible to access the Balloon and complete the game. Don't pull party members into a Boat or Cave/Dungeon that would pull characters out of a Balloon while it is in the air!


The maximum number of slots is determined by the realm or the means of transport.

By using special items with movement bonus, such as Swift Shoes or the Sanctum of Haste, additional succesfull slots can be added.

realm / vehicle base slots
Air Ballon 6
Burning Forest 4
Dropstone Badlands 4
Golden Plains 5
Guardian Forest 4
islands 4
Parched Waste 4
Poison Bog 3
Boat see above

Ways of increasing Movement points[]

  • Equip items with "+ x Movement Bonus" before the beginning of your turn, such as Worn Collar, Swift Shoes and Brass Compass. If these items are swapped between characters, the entire party may benefit from each item.
  • Expend Focus Points (right click anywhere on the adventure map)
  • Using herbs, such as Dancing Nettle and Golden Root gives Movement/Focus based on Pipe level
  • Choose a character with the Passive skill "Energy Boost" - chance to gain Movement points at the end of the turn(only the first time!).
  • Obtaining the Sanctum of Haste?


  • Max Movement points are limited to 9. You cannot gain more than 9 movement points at any time from expending Focus points.
  • Cave/Dungeon Mechanics - each "room" expends 1 "virtual" turn. For example, a typical cave with 4 rooms will expend 4 full turns(current character + 3 more), which means that if you enter a cave with P1, when you exit it will be P2's turn. You can use this to equip movement items to the appropriate character before exiting the dungeon and maximize movement on the next turn.