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Secondary armor items that can be equipped in a character's Necklace slot.


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Necklaces are equipment items found throughout the world in For The King. Like Trinkets, they are support items that can bestow a variety of effects, including boosts to base stats, movement bonuses, and immunities. Some can also grant an adventurer a new Skill. Also like trinkets, Necklaces do not appear on your character's model when equipped.

List of Necklaces[]

Name Rarity Base Stat Bonuses Bonuses to Health/Focus Damage Bonuses Defensive Bonuses Gold & XP Multipliers Immunities Movement Modifiers Skill Bonuses
Amber Heart Uncommon +3 Health Regeneration
Amulet of Bravery Uncommon Scare Immunity
Amulet of Souls Artifact +5 Max Health +4 Attack Damage

+10% Crit Chance

Blued Medallion Uncommon +3 Damage Reflection +3 Armor Acid Immunity
Bottled Sunshine Uncommon +1 Max Focus Water Immunity
Clouded Crystal Common +3 Awareness
Cursed Noose Rare +3 Damage Reflection

+25% Damage Against Undead

Death Mark Immunity
Dazzling Locket Uncommon +4 Vitality +8 Max Health
Elemental Usekh Rare Burn Immunity

Freeze Immunity

Shock Immunity

Water Immunity

Enchanted Pearls Uncommon +1 Max Focus +2 Magic Damage +2 Resistance Confuse Immunity
Faded Pearls Common +1 Max Focus +1 Magic Damage +1 Resistance Confuse Immunity
Fancy Ruff Common +3 Luck +2 Party Evasion +5% Gold
Fine Silk Scarf Uncommon +4 Speed +6% Crit Chance +4 Evasion Elite Sneak
Golden Medal Rare +2 Physical Damage

+8% Crit Chance

+2 Armor
Golden Medallion Uncommon +4 Strength
Golden Ruff Uncommon +5 Luck +4 Party Evasion +5% Gold Encourage
Old Necklace Common +3 Intelligence
Pale Crystal Uncommon +4 Awareness
Polished Necklace Uncommon +4 Intelligence
Rusty Medallion Common +3 Strength
Shiny Pendant Common +3 Talent
Silk Scarf Common +2 Speed +3% Crit Chance +2 Evasion
Silver Medal Rare +1 Physical Damage

+4% Crit Chance

+1 Armor
Sparkling Pendant Uncommon +4 Talent
Splendid Collar Uncommon +4 Speed +1 Movement
Tarnished Locket Common +3 Vitality +4 Max Health
Worn Collar Common +3 Speed +1 Movement