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The Overworld is the representational map of Fahrul on which the game For The King is played.


See also: Hex

The Overworld is the hexagon-based map that is procedurally generated at the beginning of a new adventure. It shows players the various realms, towns, dungeons, and other locations that dot the land of Fahrul. Players will also be able to see any potential friends or threats as they move about the Overworld.

The map[]

Fog of war[]

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The Overworld map begins covered in clouds, or what is commonly referred to as Fog of War. As characters travel around the map the clouds will disappear, gradually revealing the Overworld's hex tiles. Vision scrolls will remove clouds and explore all hex tiles within a certain radius.

Note that revealing the map by removing the fog of war does not always count as having visually checked a particular hex, and some enemies, encounters, or locations will only appear once a character is close enough. Lighthouses are an exception to this, and as such can be quite useful in uncovering large portions of the map and revealing special encounters.

Realm generation[]

See also: Realm

Due to the randomized nature of the Overworld's generation at the beginning of a new game, not every realm will be present in every adventure. Some adventures, such as Gold Rush or the Frost Adventure, will have only one or two realms to offer during a play through.

Spawn rates[]

Additionally, not all encounters and locations are ensured to spawn in every adventure. This means that "lost" characters such as the Hobo and Monk might not even appear during a particular campaign, as the encounters required to unlock them are not always guaranteed to be in play.

Overworld Skills[]

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Some characters, most notably the Herbalist and the Treasure Hunter, have skills that excel while travelling the Overworld, allowing them to find useful herbs or treasure.

Ambush Immunity can be invaluable when exploring the Overworld as well, allowing sneakier characters to move about the map with confidence.