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Pipes are special items that your characters can equip to enhance an herb's effects.

Upgrading your pipe will increase its potency. They can be upgraded three times, and the cost is significantly more for each tier of upgrade. Pipes can be upgraded in towns and sometimes through encounters with traveling merchants.

The Pipe Smith can also upgrade your pipe at a discounted price.

Note: When the Witch Doctor scourge is active, all party members pipe levels are reduced by 1.

This is not listed anywhere in the game, it may be a glitch or an oversight.

Pipe Upgrades[]

The higher the upgrade on your pipe, the better the results are when your character uses an herb:

Pipe Upgrades
Old Pipe Elm Pipe Bone Pipe Dragon Pipe
Default Price - 20 Gold 80 Gold 300 Gold
Godsbeard +15 HP +30 HP +45 HP +60 HP
Panax -1 Poison -2 Poison -3 Poison -4 Poison
Golden Root +3 Focus +4 Focus +5 Focus +6 Focus
Dancing Nettle +2 Movement +3 Movement +4 Movement +5 Movement
Scholar's Wort +6 XP +12 XP +24 XP +48 XP

Price multiplier factors[]

Economy Inflation: Not affected.

Pipe Smith: -20% discount.

The Bandit King: +100% penalty.

List of Pipes[]