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Quests are objectives the player is notified of and rewarded for completing. Rewards include items, gold, experience, and reducing the Chaos meter.

There are two types of quests: main quests and side quests. Active side quests are displayed on the left side of the screen; active main quests on the right.

Main Quests[]

Main quests are typically more lengthy or involved than side quests. Listed below are the main quests for the main game mode titled For the King.

  1. Go to Woodsmoke in the Guardian Forest.
  2. This is a Two part quest, they can be done in any order.
    1. Solve the Cult Device in the Guardian Forest.
    2. Kill the Chaos Leader in the Guardian Forest. (Level 1)
  3. Purge the Glittering Mines in the Guardian Forest. (Level 2)
  4. Go to Parid in the Golden Plains.
  5. This is a Three part quest, they can be done in any order.
    1. Kill the Mind Lord in the Golden Plains. (Level 5)
    2. Purge Lich's Crypt in the Burning Forest or Poison Bog. (Level 5)
    3. Find and solve the Forgotten Celler in the Rogue Isles. (Level 5)
  6. Purge the King's Maze in the Golden Plains. (Level 6)
  7. Go to Hasta in the Parched Waste.
  8. This is a Two part quest, they can be done in any order.
    1. Purge Demon Cave in the Dropstone Badlands. (Level 8)
    2. Purge Demon Cave in the Dropstone Badlands. (Level 8)
  9. Go to Hasta in the Parched Waste
  10. Purge Harazuel in the Ocean. (Level 10) There will also be an optional quest.
    1. (Optional) Purge Buried Temple in the Parched Waste. (Level 10)

Side Quests[]


Towns are the primary place where players can select and undertake side quests in return for various rewards. Only one side quest may be selected from those offered by a given town. Once a quest is chosen, the other options disappear and that town will never again offer the player a quest (regardless of the outcome of the selected quest).

Any player may complete a side quest, with the exception of a few such as those that entail the delivery or retrieval of an item. Be sure to choose your side quests carefully, as the risks and rewards can vary greatly.

Standard side quest types available in towns:

Quest Type Objective Description Rewards
Bounty Elimination of a specific creature somewhere in the region Gold, Items, Party Exp
Delivery Transport of an item from one location to another Gold, Items
Retrieval Locating one item and bringing it back to the Town Items
Reduce Chaos Defeating a Chaos Acolyte Camp -1 Chaos