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Scourges lie dormant in their Haunts, hidden random locations which can be uncovered by exploration. Scourges can become active. Once awake, they have a variety of nasty effects on the world. Scourge can be defeated when either dormant or awake. If a dormant Scourge is defeated, they are removed from the timeline. If an awake Scourge is defeated, its effect on the world disappears.

The Old One

Defeating a Scourge results in experience. Sometimes lore and unique loot can drop.

Mechanics and Strategies[]

Scourges are more difficult than standard creatures, due to increased health and attack. They are typically flanked by minions, however several will spawn alone (such as Fergus the Mad and The Old One). Ensure you have plenty of health and focus prior to entering a Haunt.

Scourges increase by one level at the beginning of each day, for as long as they are dormant. The max level for a Scourge Haunt is 10, and the minimum is 2. It's encouraged to defeat a Scourge before the day ends, to reduce difficulty.

Scourges will always have some type of resistance, be it magical or physical. Knowing which resistance can help with weapon selection and kill sequence. Weapons and Skills with Pierce can negate these resistances.

Cult Devices can remove a scourge off the timeline. This can be useful if a scourge is going to become active soon. The "-1 Scourge" option will not remove a scourge's active effect. The active effect can be located on the right-side of the interface. An active Scourge can also be identified on the map by a swirling purple cloud around its Haunt.

List of Scourges[]

Portrait Scourge Haunt Loot Active Effects
PortraitScourgeBanditKing.png The Bandit King Bandit Camp Bandit King Helm Market prices are drastically increased.
PortraitScourgeCoalHeart.png Coal Heart Warlock's Volcano Volcano Hat Volcanoes will spawn on the Overworld map.
PortraitScourgeDeimos.png Deimos Ancient Quarry Deimos Skull Disguises all creatures on the Overworld map.
PortraitScourgeDisciple.png The Disciple Temple of Darkness Disciple Hood Causes it to permanently rain on the Overworld map.
PortraitScourgeFergus.png Fergus the Mad Lucky's Vault Lucky's Hat Looted items are at risk of being stolen.
PortraitScourgeFoulPriestess.png The Foul Priestess Desecrated Church Fraybee's Locks Sanctums are at risk of being destroyed.
PortraitScourgeHangman.png The Hangman Gallows Hangman's Hood Ghosts will spawn immediately after combat.
PortraitScourgeOldOne.png The Old One Time Cave Golden Hourglass Randomly causes characters to skip turns.
PortraitScourgeRoyalDroll.png The Royal Droll Black Well Royal Droll Hat Interferes with stat checks and rolls.
PortraitScourgeSongstress.png The Songstress Secret Cove Enchanted Fin Occasionally causes boats to move in random directions.
PortraitScourgeWitchdoctor.png The Witchdoctor Witch Doctor's Tent VooDoo Mask Causes Undead to spawn in combat. Pipe levels are also decreased by 1.