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Rare Scrolls aid the Adventurers in a variety of aspects, ranging from transportation, identification, and unveiling newfound areas. They are to be used with delicate consideration as their appearance can severely impact a player's route and decisions in their adventure.

List of Scrolls[]

Picture - Icon Name Description Purpose
ScrollIdentify.png Identify Scroll Reveals the identity of any unknown landmark. Can also be used to identify Mimics. Identifies an unknown location. May also be used to check for Mimics during a Dungeon.
ScrollVision.png Vision Scroll Parts the clouds to reveal far away lands and hidden mysteries. Reveals a clouded area on the World map.
ScrollPurify.png Purify Scroll This spell will remove any toxins from the targeted area. Cleanses a tile of toxins. Does not include Cursed land.
ScrollTeleport.png Teleport Scroll Allows the user to instantly travel to an empty land hex within a given distance (determined by the user's intelligence). Grants the user a one-way teleport based on their intelligence.
ScrollPortal.png Portal Scroll Creates a magic portal at your current location to a destination of your choosing within a small radius (determined by the user's intelligence). Grants the user a two-way portal based on their intelligence, available to surrounding members.