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Skills are special abilities in For The King.


Most characters begin their journey with a select combination of the available skills. Certain skills may also be acquired by finding and equipping specific items.

List of Skills[]

Skill Description Source Skill Type
Called Shot Occasional chance for a guaranteed critical hit when using a bow. Passive
Counter Attack When you would be Ambushed, it becomes a normal combat instead. Passive
Discipline When the character lands a critical hit or killing blow, they will restore one focus point to any ally that has none. Passive
Distraction Occasionally causes enemy attack rolls to fail. Passive
Elite Ambush Ambushing enemies only requires two successful rolls. Active
Elite Door Bash Doors only require a single Strength check. Active
Elite Flee Fleeing only requires a single Speed check. Active
Elite Sneak Sneaking past an enemy only requires a single Speed check. Active
Elite Trap Disarm Traps only require a single Awareness check. Active
Elite Trap Evasion Bypassing traps only requires two successful rolls. Active
Encourage Occasionally causes an ally's failed attack roll to succeed instead. Passive
Enemy Taunt Forces enemy attacks to target the character for one combat round. Active
Energy Boost Character will occasionally receive +1 movement at the end of their turn. Passive
Entertain Character will occasionally receive gold if they end their turn near a Town, Night Market, Dark Carnival or Goblin vendor inside a dungeon. Passive
Find Treasure High chance to find overworld treasure once per day/night cycle. Passive
Gather Herbs Character will occasionally procure a random herb at the end of their turn. Passive
Justice Occasionally deals splash damage after a perfect roll with a two-handed weapon. Passive
Inspire Character will occasionally grant bonus XP to nearby allies. Passive
Mimic Whisper Transforms mimics into regular chests when opening. Passive
Party Heal Character may apply Godsbeard to the entire party at once, at slightly reduced effectiveness. Combat only. Active
Refocus Character will occasionally gain one focus point at the end of their turn. Passive
Steadfast Character occasionally blocks all damage from a successful enemy attack. Passive