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Status effects (Buffs, Debuffs, Displacements, and Ailments) are temporary modifiers that have correspondingly negative or positive consequences. They are applied through abilities, certain weapons, or when attacked by unique creatures. They vary in longevity and effect, although most will only last as long as a single battle.

Various creatures are immune to certain status effects. In terms of player involvement, specific equipment, items, and Sanctums will grant differing immunities to their user. Certain classes or creatures also share their own thematic immunities (i.e. Skeletons resisting Bleeding).

Depending on the effect, the duration will be one of the following (not including conditions that end the effect early):

  • Short: Once applied to the target, it will last until after the applicant's next turn, expiring at the beginning of the target's following turn.
  • Fight: Once applied, it will last until the end of the fight.
  • Persistent: Once applied, it will last until cured.
  • Other: Some effects work uniquely, like Petrified, which lasts up to 3 of the target's turns.

List of Status Effects[]


See also: Immunity

  • StatusAcid.png Acid - Destroys a random piece of equipment at the start of every one of your turn, starting on the beginning of your second turn the effect has been applied, lasting for the duration of the fight.
  • StatusBleeding.png Bleeding - Low chance to deal a large amount of damage a the end of every turn for the duration of the fight.
  • StatusBurning.png Burning - High chance to deal a small amount of damage at the end of every turn. Removes and can be removed by the Frozen effect.
  • StatusConfused.png Confused - Character takes random actions, including using consumables, changing equipment and fleeing.
  • StatusCursed.png Cursed - Character takes a large penalty to a specific stat. Will not wear off. Must be cured.
  • StatusStunned.png Dazed / Stunned - Delays the target's next turn during combat and prevents dodging for a short duration. The length of the turn delay scales with the type of Daze used. Examples are Daze, Stun and Unconscious.
  • StatusDeathMarked.png Death Mark - Instant death after several turns. This can only be avoided by ending the battle.
  • StatusFleeing.png Fleeing - Enemy will attempt to flee next turn.
  • StatusFrozen.png Frozen - Character takes 25% more damage. Can also remove certain other effects, such as Burning.
  • StatusPetrified.png Petrified - Character is completely turned to stone and cannot act until they are either attacked directly or the effect wears off. Lasts for up to 3 of the target's turns.
  • StatusPoisoned.png Poisoned - Reduces all stats by 5 and deals small amounts of damage at the end of every overworld turn or dungeon room encounter. Can stack. Lasts for several procs of damage. At the end of the duration, reduces 1 stack.
  • StatusScared.png Scared - Character automatically flees on their next turn, or hides if they cannot flee.
  • StatusShocked.png Shocked - The first slot is an automatic miss on every roll for a short duration. Can be overcome with Focus points.
  • StatusWet.png Wet - Removes immunities and some other effects. Lasts a short duration


See also: Disease

Note: Diseases can spread to other characters in your party.


  • StatusArmorUp.png Armor Up - Temporary boost to a character's armor stat.
  • StatusAttackUp.png Attack Up - Temporarily increases a character's attack damage.
  • StatusEvadeUp.png Evade Up - Temporary boost to a character's evasion stat.
  • StatusResistanceUp.png Resistance Up - Temporary boost to a character's resistance stat.
  • StatusEvading.png Evasive - The enemy will evade anything other than a 'Perfect' roll when attacked.
  • StatusResilient.png Resilient - HP cannot be reduced below 1.
  • StatusSpedUp.png Speed Up - Temporary boost to a character's Speed stat.


  • StatusArmorDown.png Armor Down - Temporarily decreases a character's armor stat.
  • StatusAttackDown.png Attack Down - Temporarily decreases a character's attack damage.
  • StatusEvadeDown.png Evade Down - Temporarily decreases a character's evasion stat.
  • StatusResistanceDown.png Resistance Down - Temporarily decreases a character's resistance stat.
  • StatusSlowed.png Speed Down - Temporarily decreases a character's Speed stat.
  • StatusEntangled.png Entangled - Temporarily stops a character from moving up the queue on the timeline.


  • Hourglass.png Rushed - Moves a character to the front of the timeline queue.
  • Hourglass.png Interrupted - Moves a character roughly two thirds of the way to the end of the timeline queue.
  • Hourglass.png Reset - Moves a character all the way to the end of the timeline queue.