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Steady is one of the Special Abilities in For The King.


Steady is a passive effect that can trigger, preventing an attack on the affected character.

Damage Reflection will still trigger on a blocked attack using Steady.


The following conditions must be met for Steadfast to proc:

The chance of it triggering is a roll made on being attacked. there are two ways in which it can proc.

The first is evasion based:

1-100 < Evasion stat

Therefore with 15 evasion, the first chance of it proccing is 15%

The second is based on potential damage received:

1-100 < ((Health total after being hit (if the attack were to connect)/ Current total health) - 1) multiplied by 100. With a minimum of 7 and maximum of 22.

In practice, the more health you are potentially going to lose from an attack, the higher chance of Steadfast proccing. The minimum chance is 7% and maximum chance is 22%


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Is a starting skill of the Blacksmith class.

Is granted by wielding a tower shield.