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Time denotes the passage of day into night in the game For The King.


Different enemies, events, and locations are present on the overworld during the day and night, with nighttime enemies typically being more challenging. Plan your travels accordingly.

Day and night cycle[]

A full day is split into 15 rounds. Daytime lasts for 10 rounds and nighttime for 5 rounds. During a round, each character takes their turn in order.

The timeline[]

The timeline will swap between two basic varieties during the course of a campaign. One timeline will denote the passage of time in the Overworld, while the other displays the order of combat:

The overworld timeline[]

The Timeline as it appears on Day 1 of a new adventure. Approaching chaos and scourge also depicted.

The timeline as it appears on Day 1 of a new adventure. Approaching chaos and scourge also depicted.

See also: Overworld

The Overworld timeline shows the current round, significant upcoming events, and the passage from day to night. Important events such as rising chaos, planetary alignment, floods, and awakening scourges will have icons displayed on the timeline that move from right to left, correlating with how far away they are from the current round. Events will activate their effects upon reaching the far left of the timeline (see their respective pages for information on preventing or removing their effects).

The combat timeline[]

The combat order is determined by the time slider.

Combat order is determined by the combat timeline.

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The order of combat is displayed on the combat timeline at the top of the battle screen, with the current combatant's turn denoted at the far left in a slightly bigger sized icon. The ensuing order is determined by each combatant's speed stat, although there are a variety of effects that can disrupt or alter the currently displayed order. Generally, a combatant with a higher speed stat will be able to take their turn more often than one with a low speed stat.