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Towns are friendly settlements found throughout Fahrul. They can provide Characters with respite and an opportunity to restock on supplies and acquire new items. The cost of services and items in a town will scale with your progress through the main story quests.

Town Market[]

Towns are the primary place in which characters will engage in commerce, buying and selling items for gold.

Each town has a guaranteed supply of Godsbeard, along with three other Herbs.

Consumables, Weapons, Armor, and other equipment can also be purchased here.

Town refreshes[]

In the main FTK campaign, towns will refresh their markets at certain stages of the game.

Note: Oarton and Woodsmoke never refresh their market items, but the prices of herbs and services will refresh when Town Refreshes occur.

  • 1st: After completion of the Glittering Mines
  • 2nd: 15 rounds after completion of the Glittering Mines
  • 3rd: After completion of the King's Maze
  • 4th: 15 rounds after completion of the King's Maze
  • 5th: When entering Hasta and acquiring the Air Balloon.

There are no more town refreshes after the 5th.

Note: It is possible to complete the King's Maze or get the Air Balloon in less than 15 rounds. If that happens, the 15 round refresh is skipped entirely, making it impossible for late game towns to have end-game gear and weapons.

Other FTK adventures have different Town Refresh mechanics / times. See the Master Guides on this wiki for each campaign to find details for when those town refreshes occur for those adventures.

Quest Board[]

Towns are also the primary place where players can select and undertake side Quests in return for various rewards.

Quest Type Objective Description Rewards
Bounty Elimination of a specific creature somewhere in the region Gold, Items, Party Exp
Delivery Transport of an item from one location to another Gold, Items
Retrieval Locating one item and bringing it back to the Town Items
Reduce Chaos Defeating a Chaos Acolyte Camp -1 Chaos

Only one quest can be taken per town. Quests last for 20 rounds after their activation, and will vanish after this time limit.


Every town will offer the same basic services, prices differing depending on the level of the region the town is found in:

  • Inn - Stay at an Inn - Will end the Character's turn and restore some health and Focus Points
  • Healer - Visit Healer - Will fully restore all hit points and cure non-curse Ailments
  • Meditation - Guided Meditation - Will fully restore all Focus Points
  • Blessing - The process of blessing will remove all Curses
  • PipeSmith - Upgrade Pipe - Will increase the level of the Character's pipe, allowing them to make better use of Herbs.

List of Towns[]

  • Oarton (Guardian Forest) - Your hometown. It feels safe and familiar here. A humble village of fishers and traders. You will be able to find room and board here but little else more.
  • Woodsmoke (Guardian Forest) - A small quiet village. Woodsmoke will have few items of note to offer at its market, but can generally provide a slight upgrade from your characters' starting equipment.
  • Cazeli's Watch (Golden Plains) - A small city.
  • Parid (Golden Plains) - The impressive capital of Fahrul. This is from whence Queen Rosomon put out her call for the citizens of the land to seek out the source of the empire's many recent woes.
  • Castle Vakker (Poison Bog) - Castle Vakker has a reputation as a safe haven for villains and theives. Stolen goods are freely bought and sold, and there is a market here for any vicious activity conceivable.
  • Yoniburg (Poison Bog) - You are at a small village
  • Fire Elm (Burning Forest) -
  • Dryad's Lantern (Burning Forest) -
  • Devil's Wharf (The Ocean) - People say that while you won't be outright robbed here, you may very well leave without your money.
  • Hasta (Parched Waste) - A squalid shanty town surrounds the proud walls of this wealthy desert city.
  • Zini (Parched Waste) - Zini is a haven for opportunists who want smaller crowds and higher profit margins than can be found in Hasta. There is custom here, but little courtesy.
  • Wendero (Dropstone Badlands) - Folk who can survive here have been toughened by hardship.
  • Imp's Corridor (Dropstone Badlands) -