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The Trapper is a playable character in the game For The King.


From years of experience, the Trapper understands not only the mechanisms, but also the mind of the sort of person who would set a trap. When moving on an enemy, the Trapper fears little that the fight will attract additional foes.

General strategy[]

Much like the Hunter, the Trapper has a high Speed stat, often allowing for the initiative in battle. This can be used to quickly dispatch weaker enemies or to inflict debuffs on enemies before they can do anything in return.


Counter Attack[]

Chance to negate an enemy ambush.

Elite Ambush[]

Requires only one slot to ambush solo enemies or three slots for camps.
Requires one slot less to ambush enemies in the Overworld.

Elite Trap Disarm[]

Requires fewer slots to disarm traps.

Unlocking the Trapper[]

The Trapper is revealed in the Lore Store after beginning a For The King adventure. It then costs 10 lore to unlock the character for play.