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WARNING! This article contains spoilers.
Treasure Hunter
Treasure Hunter
Special Abilities Mimic Whisper

Find Treasure

Starting Equipment +Handgun

+Treasure Map

+1 Gold

Starting Stats Strength: 42
Vitality: 56
Intelligence: 74
Awareness: 74
Talent: 74
Speed: 58
Luck: 50

Armor: 0
Resistance: 1
Evasion: 8
The Treasure Hunter has a knack for finding hidden treasures where others may have overlooked, and worries not about mimics when opening chests

The Treasure Hunter is a character in For The King which was added with the Into The Deep release. Unlike the other characters available through the Lore Store, it first needs to be found in a Into The Deep.

Unlocking the Treasure Hunter[]

In the Into The Deep game mode, players can encounter a Whale Belly Dungeon in which 6 rooms are located. Rooms have standard enemies for the Into The Deep. She is located at the end of the Dungeon, where a Talent check must be made to free her. Once unlocked, the player can unlock the Treasure Hunter in the Lore Store for 20 Lore for use in future games.

To find the Whale, it is highly recommended to activate Lighthouses. The Whale is hidden on a random sea hex. The player must come within visual range of the Whale to spot it. Simply removing the fog of the game doesn't necessarily reveal the Whale. Most players have had success finding the Whale by activating a Lighthouse. Activating the Lighthouse counts as having visually checked all the hexes in a large radius around it. Lighthouses must also be unlocked in the Lore Store. It is also recommended to sail with +Find Distance items to increase the player's visual range. Use equipped items like a Brass Compass, Gathering Bonnet or Torch. It can also be discovered by using the Scroll of Vision.