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The Treasure Hunter is a playable character in the game For The King.


The Treasure Hunter has a knack for finding hidden treasure where others may have overlooked and worries not about mimics when opening chests.

General strategy[]


Main articles: Find Treasure and Mimic Whisper

Find Treasure[]

High chance to find overworld treasure once per day.

Mimic Whisper[]

Transforms mimics into regular chests when opening.

Unlocking the Treasure Hunter[]

During an Into The Deep campaign, players can encounter a unique Whale Belly dungeon consisting of several rooms, each containing a variety of standard enemies. Upon advancing to the final room, players will discover the Treasure Hunter, asking for help. A successful Talent check is required to free her.

Because the Whale is hidden on a random ocean hex, it is recommended to first activate Lighthouses before setting out in search of the Treasure Hunter. Simply removing the map's fog of war won't necessarily reveal the dungeon, as players must come within visual range of the Whale before it will appear on the map. Activating the Lighthouse can make the search much easier because it counts as having visually checked all the hexes in a large radius. Items with the Find Distance attribute (such as the Brass Compass, Gathering Bonnet, or Torch) or a Vision Scroll can also help simplify the process.

Once freed the Treasure Hunter will be revealed in the Lore Store, whereupon the character can be unlocked for play with 20 lore.