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Beneficial items that can be equipped in a character's Trinket slot.


Trinkets are equipment items found throughout the world in For The King. Like Necklaces, they are support items that can impart a wide array of effects, including boosts to base stats, movement bonuses, and immunities. Some can also grant an adventurer a new Skill. Also like necklaces, Trinkets do not appear on your character's model when equipped.

List of Trinkets[]

Name Rarity Base Stat Bonuses Bonus to Health/Focus Defensive Bonuses Damage Bonuses Gold & XP Multipliers Immunities Movement Modifiers Skill Bonuses Stat Penalties
Amplifying Crystal Common +1 Magic Damage

+4% Crit Chance

Amplifying Diamond Uncommon +3 Magic Damage

+8% Crit Chance

Bellowing Horn Rare Encourage
Black Cat Uncommon +20 Luck Elite Sneak
Brass Bell Rare Refocus
Brass Compass Common +1 Find Distance

+1 Movement

Brilliant Gemstones Artifact +100% Damage Against Spirits
Clouded Mirror Rare +2 Damage Reflection
Cracked Flute Rare Enemy Taunt
Crystal Anvil Rare Enemy Taunt
Ester Oil Uncommon Acid Immunity

Burn Immunity

Freeze Immunity

Faded Rune Common +2 Resistance
Fancy Umbrella Common Acid ImmunityWater Immunity
Flaming Talisman Rare +25% Damage Against Fire Burn Immunity
Focusing Gem Rare +2 Max Focus
Focusing Stone Uncommon +1 Max Focus
Four Leaf Clover Rare +15 Luck +10% Gold
Friendship Ring Uncommon Support Range
Glowing Ward Rare +1 Party Resistance
Golden Feather Uncommon +5 Evasion
Golden Hourglass Artifact +10 Speed +1 Movement
Golden Skull Uncommon +3 Physical Damage

+8% Crit Chance

Great Rune Uncommon +4 Resistance
Herb Encyclopedia Rare Gather Herbs
Holy Talisman Uncommon Curse Immunity
Icy Talisman Uncommon +25% Damage Against Ice Freeze Immunity
King's Talisman of Fire Artifact Party Burn Immunity
King's Talisman of Ice Artifact Party Freeze Immunity
King's Talisman of Lightning Artifact Party Shock Immunity
Lightning Talisman Uncommon +25% Damage Against Lightning Shock Immunity
Litteratus Shell Uncommon Curse Immunity

Poison Immunity

-2 Max Health
Lucky Coin Uncommon +15% Gold
Lumotus Luminous Artifact +4 Awareness +1 Max Focus
Majestic Belt Artifact Scare Immunity Encourage



Maximus Common +2 Health Regeneration +3 Armor -3 Evasion
Ms. Kitty's Special Artifact +2 Health Regeneration +1 Armor

+1 Resistance

+2 Damage Reflection Water Immunity -10% Gold
Noise Maker Rare Distraction
Pipe Diffuser Rare Party Heal
Polished Mirror Rare +4 Damage Reflection
Polly the Parrot Uncommon +10% Damage Against Flying Distraction
Radiant Ward Rare +2 Party Resistance
Royal Banner Uncommon Inspire
Ruby of Warm Light Uncommon +50% Damage Against Scourges Freeze Immunity
Rusted Plate Common +2 Armor
Rusty Chain Rare +1 Party Armor
Silver Feather Common +3 Evasion
Silver Padlock Uncommon Steal Immunity
Silver Skull Common +1 Physical Damage

+4% Crit Chance

Spyglass Rare Ambush Immunity +1 Find Distance Elite Ambush
Steel Chain Rare +2 Party Armor
Steel Plate Uncommon +4 Armor
Sun Drum Artifact Encourage
Toxic Talisman Uncommon Poison Immunity
Water Talisman Uncommon +25% Damage Against Water Water Immunity