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Vitality is a character stat in the game For The King.


Vitality represents your endurance and health. It drives a character's base HP value and is useful for encounters that test one's stamina.

Calculating HP[]

All characters start with 25hp as their base health, +10% of their Vitality rounded down. This is their "Starting HP". For example, a Busker with 68 Vitality would start the game with 25 + 6.8 = 31.8 health, rounded down to 31hp.

Health Formula[]

To calculate a character's base HP per level, use the following formula:

The end result is then rounded down. Therefore, to find the Busker's base HP at level 3, the formula is HP = 31 + 3 + ((.10 x 3) x 68), rounded down. Thusly, the Busker's base health at level 3 would be 34 + (.3 x 68) = 54.4hp, rounded down to 54hp.

Character Proficiencies[]



Weapon Proficiencies[]

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