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Weapons present a variety of damage types necessary to defeat the many enemies in For The King. They come in many different forms and designs, each one attuned to a different Character Stat. Characters with a high proficiency in a specific stat will fair better in battle with weapons attuned to that particular stat. For example, Hunters are more adept at using weapons such as Bows, as they have a natural base proficiency in Awareness (and most bows are attuned to the Awareness stat).

There are no stipulations on which weapons each character can use. This effectively allows players to equip their characters with whichever weapon they so please, although giving the Scholar a weapon such as a Mace might be considered a dubious decision.

Weapon Types[]

There are many different kinds of Weapons to be found throughout the land of Fahrul; some useful for their damage, some for their abilities, and others because they fetch a high price at the markets. You may even find yourself carrying extra weapons with you for certain situations, or even out of sentimentality. Whatever your reasons, choosing the right weapon for your character is vital to your party's success.

Arcane.png Arcane Weapons[]

Main article: Arcane

Mainly spellbooks and tomes, but there are also other types.

Axe.png Axes[]

Main article: Axe

Heavy two-handed weapons, but there are a few one-handed axes to choose from as well.

Blade.png Blades[]

Main article: Blade

A multitude of swords, daggers, and knives.

Blunt.png Blunt Weapons[]

Main article: Blunt

Heavy weapons, including everything from bones to hammers to an actual anchor.

Bow.png Bows[]

Main article: Bow

Ranged two-handed weapons with a myriad of special abilities.

Dual-Wield.png Dual-Wielded Weapons[]

Main article: Dual Wield

Speedy two-handed weapons capable of stunning or dazing enemies.

Fist.png Fist Weapons[]

Main article: Fist

Disarmed characters can always use their fists.

Gun.png Guns[]

Main article: Gun

Firearms, ranging from simple handguns to massive cannons.

Instrument.png Musical Instruments[]

Main article: Instrument

Musical instruments suitable for any aspiring bard.

Polearm.png Polearms[]

Main article: Polearm

A variety of physical damage weapons, useful for both offense and defense.

Staves.png Staves[]

Main article: Staff

Two-handed magical weapons, although there are some other physically-attuned staves as well.

Torches.png Torches[]

Main article: Torches

Not exactly weapons in their own right, they can still set an enemy on fire.

Wand.png Wands[]

Main article: Wand

Long-range weapons capable of special magical attacks.

Weapon Attributes[]

Weapons in For the King can have different attributes:

TwoHanded.png Two-Handed[]

Characters with a Two-Handed weapon equipped will be unable to use a Shield or other weapons requiring the use of both hands, such as Bows or various Blades and Polearms. Dual-Wielded weapons are always Two-Handed; however Dual-Wield is technically a weapon type, and not an attribute per se.

Breakable.png Breakable[]

A Breakable weapon will break in battle if a character fails all stat checks during a single attack. When an equipped item breaks, that character will automatically switch to Unarmed combat, and will only be able to use their fists until a new weapon is equipped.

Unfocusable.png Unfocusable[]

Characters using Unfocusable weapons may not use Focus during an attack to secure perfect ability checks. In effect, all attacks made with an Unfocusable weapon will be naturally rolled.

Weapon Proficiencies[]

See also: Stat

While any weapon can essentially be equipped and used by any character, adventurers must rely on their stats to determine how proficient they can be with a specific weapon type.

Strength.png Strength[]

Axes, Blunt Weapons (hammers, clubs, and so on), Blades, many different Bows and Guns for ranged attacks, Two-Handed or Dual-Wielded Weapons...and even Torches!

Vitality.png Vitality[]

Various small Blades, exclusively. Your bare Fists are always available in a pinch, too.

Intelligence.png Intelligence[]

An assortment of magically-imbued items, such as Staves, Tomes, Blades, and Wands.

Awareness.png Awareness[]

Bows and Guns for reliable high damage, a variety of one and Two-Handed Polearms, and some small Blades.

Talent.png Talent[]

Musical Instruments, most notably a variety of Lutes and Dual-Wielded rattles, smaller Guns, and even some Blades.

Speed.png Speed[]

Small Blades, Bows, and a handful of Dual-Wields.

Luck.png Luck[]

There exists a legendary Artifact weapon, rumored to be the only weapon to rely on a character's Luck stat.