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Whitemoon - Portrait

Flying • Armored

There hasn’t been a dragon sighting in over a hundred years and these flying terrors are long considered extinct.
Special Abilities Bleed
Starting Base Stats Attack: 45
Speed: 125
Accuracy: 94
Crit Chance: 10%
Starting Defensive Stats Health: 750
Armor: 12
Resistance: 12
Evasion: 35
Immunities Stun Immunity
Freeze Immunity
Shock Immunity
Distraction Immunity


Whitemoon is a Dragon found at the end of the Frost Adventure. Getting to him requires climbing Frostbite Peak (the mountain he resides on) and fighting all the mobs (dungeon style though it is on a mountain ledge) until you eventually reach him in room 5-1.


Master Difficulty: HP 825; 12 Armor; 12 Resistance

Immunities: Freeze, Shock, Daze/Stun


Group Entangle breath attack (3 checks)

Group Freeze hind claws attack (2 checks)

Target Bleeding bite attack (1 check)


Due to Whitemoon's extremely high health, the battle can be expected to last a long while. Therefore, effects like Burning or Bleeding should be applied early.

As with most long battles, preventing the enemy from attacking by using Single or Group target reset attacks will buy time for your characters to damage Whitemoon.

From the Frost Adventure - Master Guide[]

There are two effective combat strategies you can use to kill Whitemoon. You can:

  1. Use the Party Rush strategy by employing a Goblin Staff and a second character using a single target rush weapon like a Minstrel with an Ornate or Silver Lute to rush the party rusher. This provides your 3rd team member infinite turns to kill Whitemoon.
  2. Make use of the Ancient Blade in combination with a Hildebrant's Reserve potion to maximize damage. Support this strategy by also having other characters rush the Ancient Blade wielder to provide more opportunities to hit while the Hildebrant's Reserve is still active. This is ideal if combined with the above-mentioned strategy. It is often best to give the Ancient Blade to the character with the largest Focus pool so you can fully focus your attacks for a longer period of time. Additionally, if using the Hildebrant’s Reserve, this character must also be equipping something that confers Confuse Immunity like Faded Pearls or a Wizard Hat.

If you can’t use either of the two strategies above, then you're in for a long protracted fight. Best to bring some armor-piercing weapons and also have a good stockpile of Panax to counter the Bleed condition that Whitemoon will inflict. You can also make use of speed down and enemy reset weapons to try to limit the number of attacks Whitemoon will get.